Although jobs can span multiple days, if your jobs have complex work orders and assignments, you may want to consider using the 'Project' record. We introduced a new record type called 'Projects' that allows managers to better manage projects that may have different assigned work underneath it. 

To enable projects, open the "Functionality" tab in the Administration section found here. To learn more about enabling projects, click here

Starting a New Project

Click on 'Projects' in the menu on the left, which will take you to the main projects page. Click the green + sign to create a new project. 

In the window that pops up, select the customer for this project, give it a name, add a description if you like, and choose the start and end date. The location will automatically be pulled from your customer's information. 

Next change the Project Status to reflect the stage that the project is at. 

Then select the completion percentage using the slider, and click 'Select Team Assignment'. 

This will pop up a window where you can select a team to assign this project to. Once you've selected a team, click 'Apply'. 

Once your project's details are complete, click 'Save'. 

You will then be taken to the project record, where you can view and edit all the details you just entered. You can also add comments, add jobs or subtasks, create estimates and invoices, attach files track employee time with timesheets. Click the green plus sign to perform one of these actions. 

Congratulations! You just created a project in FieldPulse. For help with projects, contact us at

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