Sometimes you want to give a customer a discount on their estimate or invoice and have it show as a line item. You can add discounts in FieldPulse and have them reflected on your estimates and invoices. 

We'll show you how to add a discount to an invoice, but the process is the same when adding a discount to an estimate. 

From the invoice, once you've added your full price line items, click to add a new line item:

In the window that pops up, click to select an invoice item:

Then click '+ Create New Invoice Item':

In the 'Add invoice item' window, call the invoice item 'Discount' and set the unit price to a negative value, whatever amount you want to discount the invoice by:

Then click 'Save':

This will add the discount to your invoice and subtract the discount amount from the total automatically: 

On the Invoice Record click to 'Prepare Invoice' and then 'Generate PDF':

The discount will show on the PDF as a line item, so the customer can see the discount has been applied:

For future estimates and invoices with different discount amounts, simply add the 'Discount' line item again, but change the Unit Price to reflect the discount you want to apply to that particular estimate or invoice. 

Congratulations! You just learned how to apply discounts to your estimates and invoices. If you need any help with discounts please contact us at

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