You can use the automatic triggers feature to send out emails automatically to customers. 

For example, you could send an automatic appointment confirmation when new jobs are created, or a 'job complete' email when a customer pays an invoice. In this guide we'll walk you through setting up an automatic trigger.

Before you set up automatic triggers, you have to set up your customer communication email templates. You can learn how to do that here

In the Administration section, click on 'Customer Communications'. Then click on 'Automatic Triggers'. You can also click here to go there directly.

To create a new trigger, click 'Create New'.

First pick the action that will trigger an email from the first dropdown. 

Next, choose how the email is treated when the trigger action occurs - it can be automatically sent, ask for confirmation, scheduled for a later time, or both. 

Next, choose the customer communication template to use for this trigger email. Again you can set them up here

Click save to finalize the trigger. On some of the options, you'll have the choice to include an invoice receipt. This is helpful if you're sending a post-job follow up triggered by a completed job or paid invoice. Choose whether you'd like this on or off, and click 'Save'. 

Your new automatic trigger will show in the list. You can add another by repeating this process.

That's it! You just set up an automatic email trigger. If you need help with this, email us at

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