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Learn how to set up a longer-term project in FieldPulse.
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FieldPulse comes standard with powerful tools for project management.

Although jobs can span multiple days, if you have longer-term projects with complex work assignments and specialized invoicing needs, you may want to consider using the 'Project' record. Projects allow you to better manage projects that may have a longer duration and several pieces of work assigned underneath it. 

To enable projects, open the 'Features and Plugin' tab in the Administration section found here. To learn more about enabling projects, click here

To get started using Projects, watch this video or follow the step-by-step guide below.

Managing your Projects

On the 'Projects' page, you will be taken to the 'list' view by default. Here you can view a list of all of your projects. In this view, you can see the Project names, status, date range, completion percentage and customer.

By clicking the 'Open', 'Closed', 'Unassigned' or 'All' tabs, you can see which projects are ongoing, which have been completed and which have not been assigned to teams. You can also see all of your projects at a glance.

You can also use the 'Gantt' view to organize your projects by date, and see what you have going on for the month.

Hover over any of the projects listed in the Gantt view to show the details.

Click on the 'By Status' tab to see your projects organized by their completion status.

Creating and Completing a Project

Click on 'Projects' in the menu on the left, which will take you to the main projects page. Click the 'Create Project' button to create a new project. 

In the window that pops up, select the customer for this project, give it a name, add a description if you like, and choose the start and end date. The location will automatically be pulled from your customer's information. 

Next change the Project Status to reflect the stage that the project is at. You'll be able to updated this as the project progresses.

Then select the completion percentage using the slider, and click 'Select Team Assignment'. 

This will pop up a window where you can select a team to assign this project to. Once you've selected a team, click 'Apply'. 

Once your project's details are complete, click 'Save'. 

You will then be taken to the project record, where you can view and edit all the details you just entered. You can also add comments, add jobs or subtasks, create estimates and invoices, attach files track employee time with timesheets. Click the green 'Project Actions' button to perform one of these actions. 

You can also select any of these actions from the tabs in the header. First you'll want to add jobs to this project. This is done under the 'Jobs' tab. Click 'Create New' to set up the first job for this project.

This will pop up a window to create a job within this project. The Project, Customer and location will be pre-populated. If you need a refresher on creating jobs, click here. You can assign this job to any team member on the team that is assigned to this project.

Once you save, the new job will show up in the jobs list within the project. Repeat this process to add all the individual jobs you need in this project.

Once you've added all of your jobs to the project, and your team members have been automatically notified, you may want to add some general comments to this project for your team to see. Click on the 'Comments' tab. Write your comment, then click the 'Send' button. This will be visible to the team assigned to this project.

You can also add files to this project under the 'files' tab. This is the place if there are photos you want to share with your team, or that you want your team to share with you, or even a PDF document like a service manual for a particular piece of equipment. Click 'Upload file' to add a file from your phone or computer.

When your project is ready for billing, click 'Invoices'. This will generate an invoice for the project as a whole. If you want instead to bill for each individual job, simply open up the corresponding job and create an invoice within the job record instead. You can also create 'Progress' invoices to take deposits or generate invoices as the project progresses. Click 'Create new' to generate a new invoice for the entire project. If you need a refresher on generating invoices, click here. Need to generate a 'Progress' invoice to take a deposit or partial payment? Learn how here.

Once you have added the invoice, you'll see it in this tab. You can follow the same process to generate Estimates instead, under the 'Estimates' tab.

You can also use a form to capture information relevant to this project under the 'Forms' tab. Click 'Create New'.

Then choose the form you want to add.

You'll then enter the information into the form, or leave it on the forms page for a team member to complete.

When your project is complete, navigate to the 'Info' tab and change the status to 'Complete'. You'll also want to set the completion percentage to 100%.

Congratulations! You just created and completed a project in FieldPulse. For help with projects, contact us at

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