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Enabling the Projects feature
Enabling the Projects feature
Learn how to turn on Projects to manage longer-term work.
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Although jobs can span multiple days, if your jobs have complex work orders and assignments, you may want to consider using the Project record. Projects allow managers to better manage projects that may have different assigned work spanning longer periods. 

Enabling Projects

Click on 'Company Settings' in the menu on the left, then click on 'Feature & Plugins' tab in the header. You can also get there by clicking here

On the Features & Plugins page, click 'Enable' under 'Project Management'. 

You have now turned on projects. You can see the 'Project's label underneath your team schedule.

To create custom fields on the Project record, you'll find the 'Project' appear under the Company Settings tab.

To learn how to create a new project, visit this article

Congratulations! You've just enabled the Projects feature in FieldPulse. For help with projects, contact us at

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