With FieldPulse's reporting features, with just a few clicks you can easily export your:

Customer data
Job records
Timesheet data 

Your custom field data will be included in your export as well.

To begin exporting one of these, click here to go directly to the reporting page, or click on 'Reporting' in the main menu on the left hand side. 

On any of the reporting pages, the procedure is the same. Select the date range to display and then click 'Run Report'. 

That will show you a report of all of the particular items for that date range. Click 'Export' to save a spreadsheet with the data to your computer. 

Repeat this process for all of the items you'd like to export data for. 

Congratulations! You just exported your data from FieldPulse. If you need any help with exports, contact us at: support@fieldpulse.com

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