You can get a customer signature on an estimate or invoice on the mobile app while you're on-site. You can use this e-sign feature for work authorization, work completion or anything else you want a signed contract for. To set up contracts in FieldPulse, see this article

Once you have a contract set up, you can add it to any estimate or invoice and get a customer signature right on your mobile device. Watch this video for instructions:

Or follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Open the estimate (or invoice) you want a signature for. On the estimate page, scroll down and click Advanced Settings - PDF Generation.

On the PDF Generation settings page, toggle 'Attach Contract to PDF' to on. 

Then click on 'Select contract' to choose which contract to attach to the estimate. 

Choose the correct contract from the list and click 'Apply'.

You'll see the contract has been added. You can select how many signature lines you want, and then click 'Back' when you're done. 

Back on the Estimate page, click 'Generate PDF'.

On the estimate PDF page, click 'Save'. 

This will pull up the PDF file for your estimate. Swipe to the second page for the signature line. 

On the contract page, click the green plus sign. 

Select 'Add Signature' from the list. 

Your customer will use their finger to sign in the box that pops up. When you're ready, click 'Accept'. 

This will add the signature to the middle of the page. Slide the signature around with your finger and pinch to resize it. 

Once the signature is properly placed, click 'Save' at bottom right. 

Then exit the estimate PDF by clicking the 'X' at top right. 

You'll see the signed PDF estimate under 'Files'. 

Thats it! You just captured a customer signature on an estimate from your mobile device. If you need any help with esign signatures or anything else, please reach out to us:

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