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Learn how to use custom forms on your job records
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With FieldPulse's new Custom Forms feature, you can add custom forms you can use to capture any information you want on your jobs.

Use Custom Forms to create a custom record type with the ability to track status, attach files, and even generate a PDF to send to customers. Use custom forms for purchase orders, service reports, customer reports, change orders, and more! Custom forms can be made as a standalone record or attached to jobs, projects, customers, and estimates/invoices.

For a full overview of how to turn on custom forms and create one, you can watch this video:

To learn how to add a custom form to one of your jobs, review the steps below:

First navigate to 'Company Settings' and click on 'Custom Forms' in the header. Or click here to go directly to that page. If Custom Forms are not already enabled, click here to turn them on from the Functionality page. 

On the Custom Forms page click 'Create New'.

Enter the form name and then select who in your company will have visibility and edibility for this form. You can also choose what areas of your business to connect this form to and enable or disable a '`Status' field where you can track the progress of a particular form. Then click 'Add New Field' to begin building your form. 

Enter the field labels for each field you want in your form, and when you're done, click 'Save'. 

Next navigate to the job record you want a form added to, click 'Forms' in the header and then click 'Create New'. 

In the window that pops up, select which form you'd like to add to the job. 

Then enter the pertinent information into the form, and press 'Save'. 

You'll see the completed form show up in the forms list on your job record. 

You can generate a PDF of this form or edit it at any time. 

That's it! You just created a custom form and added it to a job. For help with custom forms email us at

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