When creating an estimate or invoice, invoice line items require a reference to a designated ‘Invoice Item’ in your company’s Invoice Item Repository. Since a corresponding Invoice Item is required for each line item, your Invoice Item Repository should include all of the product and services you offer. We’ll go through step by step how to set up Invoice Items in your Invoice Item Repository ahead of time. Invoice Items can also be created ‘on the fly’ when creating an estimate or invoice and will automatically be added to your Invoice Item Repository.

Adding Items to your Invoice Item Repository

Click the ‘Administration’ option on the left menu, select the ‘Invoices’ tab in the header, and then select the ‘Invoice Items’ tab in the sub header.

On the Invoice Items page click the 'Create New' button to add a new invoice repository item. 

The price, quantity, and taxation applied for the specific Invoice Item can be modified after it is inserted into an invoice. Therefore, the price, quantity, taxation, and description are not required when you enter an item into the repository. If you do fill them out,  they will automatically populate the line item with default values in all of your invoices, which can be modified after they are added. 

The ‘Name’ of an Invoice Item cannot be modified after creation and Invoice Items cannot be deleted (only deactivated); if you want to change the ‘Name’ of an Invoice Item, it must be done by creating a new Invoice Item as to not affect old invoices using that item. When you have entered the invoice item details, click 'Save'.

You will see your new Invoice Item saved in the repository. You can now use that line item on any new estimate or invoice you create. 

Congratulations! You just learned how to add a new invoice item to your repository. If you have any questions about invoice items, reach out at support@fieldpulse.com 

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