In SimplySend, you can create short contracts to add to your PDF estimates and invoices to require a signature from your customer before beginning work. Your customers can even sign these virtually using the mobile app. 

To create a new contract, navigate to 'Administration' and click on 'Estimates & Invoices', then click 'Contracts' in the sub header. Or click here to go there directly. 

On the contracts page, click 'Create New'. This will pop up a window to create a new contract. 

On the Add Contract page, enter the Contract Name and Details, when you're finished, click 'Save'.

You'll see your new contract listed on the 'Contracts' page. 

To automatically add your new contract to all of your PDF estimates and invoices, click on 'PDF' in the 'Estimates & Invoices' sub header and toggle the 'Attach Contract to PDF' setting to 'On'

You can then enter how many signature lines you require and which contract to attach. 

That's it. Next time you create a new Estimate or Invoice PDF, you will see your contract on the second page of the PDF. 

Your customers can sign the PDF virtually using web software like Docusign or sign it directly from the FieldPulse mobile app while your tech is in-field. 

Congratulations! You've just learned how to create and add contracts to your estimates and invoices. Please reach out if you need any help with contracts:

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