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Learn how to email your estimates and invoices to customers.

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In this guide we'll show you how to send an invoice to a customer. Follow the same steps with an estimate. 

1. Send Directly in SimplySend Through Email

The simplest way to send an invoice in SimplySend is directly through the platform. To do this, navigate to the invoice you want to send, from the Estimates & Invoices page.  On the Invoice Record, click 'Generate PDF'.

This will create a new PDF invoice. To send it via email, simply click 'Email to Customer' at the top. 

On the next page a window will pop up with the email details. Enter the email body and double check the recipient details. Once everything looks good, click 'Send'. 

You just sent a PDF invoice to your customer through email. Note that our system makes it look like the email came from your own email and your customer can reply directly to you. If you actually want to send the invoice PDF through your own email client, follow the steps below. 

2. Download and Share Through Your Own Email 

Follow the same steps as above to generate a PDF invoice, but on the PDF page, click 'Save' at top right. 

That will save the PDF invoice to your computer, and you can attach it to an email in your own email client. 

3. Print and Share In-Person or Through Postal Mail

For customers that don't want to receive invoices or estimates through email, you can print your invoices and deliver them in person. To do this, simply generate the PDF in the same way, clicking 'Generate PDF' then clicking 'Save'. 

This will save the PDF to your computer. From there you can print the PDF and deliver to your customer in-person or through postal mail.

Congratulations! You just learned how to send estimates and invoices to customers. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us at 

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