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Syncing Your Schedule with Google Calendar
Syncing Your Schedule with Google Calendar
Learn how to connect FieldPulse to Google Calendar so that your jobs are added to Google Calendar in real time.
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A. Syncing Your Own Jobs to your Personal Google Calendar

To sync your FieldPulse work schedule to your Google Calendar, follow these simple steps. 

From any page in the FieldPulse web app, click on the 'Head' icon at top right and then select 'My Settings' from the dropdown. Or, click here to go there directly. 

On the 'My Settings' page, click on the 'Enable Google Calendar' button:

In the window that pops up, select the Google Account you want to connect to. If you aren't signed in, you'll have to enter your email and password for your Google Account to connect.

Click 'Allow'.

Next you will choose which Google Calendar you'd like to sync to. If you want to sync your personal jobs to your personal Google Calendar, choose that calendar here. If you want to connect your team's jobs to a shared calendar, select that shared calendar here and follow the further instructions in Part B below.

Keep in mind, only jobs created after you have connected will be added to your Google calendar. Previously created jobs will not be added. It is a one-way sync; jobs created in FieldPulse will be added to your Google Calendar. Events created in your Google Calendar will not be added to FieldPulse. 

B. Syncing your Team's Jobs to a Shared Google Calendar

As an Administrator or Team Manager, you can also sync your team's jobs in FieldPulse to a shared Google Calendar. 

First, complete the above steps to integrate Google Calendar, but instead of connecting your personal Google Calendar, connect your shared team Google Calendar. 

The next steps are done within Google Calendar, not within FieldPulse. 

On your main calendar page, under 'My Calendars' hover over your name and click the 3 dots, then select 'Settings and Sharing'.

On the next page, you can select either to share this calendar with the whole company (if you're using a Gmail business account). Or add specific people to share this calendar with by entering their email(s):

You can decide whether they see the event details or edit the events. Repeat this step for each team member you want to add to the shared calendar. 

Now, with the Google Calendar shared and FieldPulse synced to it, as new jobs are added to the schedule in FieldPulse, they will sync to the shared calendar and show up on the individual calendar's of your team members. Keep in mind, jobs must be assigned to you (the Admin or Team Manager) in order to sync over to the calendar, so for this to work, you will have to be assigned to every new job or event in FieldPulse. 

That's it! You just synced FieldPulse to your personal or shared calendar. If you need help with this integration or anything else, email us at

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