When you're assigned a new job, you can open it on the web or on the mobile app. Within the assigned job, you’ll see several options for adding information to the job. You can add this information from the computer on the web app or on site from the mobile app. You can add:

  • Job Status, found on the main 'Info' page of the job. This shows your team manager and other team members the current state of the job and serves as a timer for the amount of time spent on the job. The job status of a newly created job is always 'New'. Moving the status from 'New' to 'In Progress' starts the job timer, moving the status to 'Pending' pauses the timer, and moving it to 'Completed' ends the timer and marks the job as finished.

  • Comments about the job. This is a great place to include information about a job as you go. Also shown are the toggles to trigger notifications to team managers or assigned team members, and the 'Send comment' button.

  • Subtasks, which are like ‘to do’s’ on site, you can think of these as mini jobs-within-a-job. You can adjust the status of the sub tasks such as in progress pending or completed to let the team know where you're at on each of your tasks on site.

  • Create a quote or invoice associated with this job. This can be done from the mobile app or on the web app. Any quote or invoice created within a job will be linked back to that job record. You'll be able to find the quote or invoice within the job record or on the quotes and invoices page. You can also send a quote or invoice via email from the app and accept signature or payment from the customer while on site. Learn more about quotes and invoices.

  • Add files to the job (like photos or a PDF). In the file section of the job you can upload photos, PDFs or other documents for review by team members or the customer. Some users find this helpful for sharing photos with a customer or with the team. Photos can be taken directly from your phone in the mobile app or uploaded from your computer on the web app.

  • Attaching a custom form to the job. Custom forms can be found under the 'Forms' subheading and can be used to capture information on site and shared with the team or customer. They will be saved in PDF format.

That's it! Here is a quick summary of the actions you can do in a job. You can:

  • Change the job status

  • Add comments and send notifications about them

  • Add and complete subtasks

  • Create estimates and Invoices

  • Add and view files related to the job

  • Clock in or clock out for the job

  • Complete and share forms

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