Create an Estimate or Invoice from a Job:

To create an estimate or invoice as a Service Agent you will go to the 'My Schedule' drop down carrot - and select 'Jobs'.

You will then select which job you want to create a quote or invoice under. From the Job Record you will select the green 'Actions' button and then select 'Create Estimate' or 'Create Invoice'.

Enter the Basic Details:

The Estimate or Invoice Record will open up with the customer, job, estimate title, and expiration date automatically set. You can edit the estimate title and expiration date, then add line items to your Estimate or Invoice by clicking on the 'Item' field. You will need to search for the items or select them from the list that appears, then hit 'Add Item'.

You can also create brand new items from this Estimate or Invoice as well. After creation these will then be stored as existing items under your Invoice Item Repository.

Repeat this process to add as many line items as you need until your estimate or invoice is complete, when everything looks good click ‘Save’. This will save either an estimate or an invoice draft. Either can be edited by clicking the edit button so you can change any details you want on the fly.

Share the Estimate or Invoice:

If you would like to share this document with a customer click 'Preview' and then click ‘Email to Customer’. The customer’s email and name should be pre-populated so all you have to do is click Send. If you click on 'More Options' a list will pop up with other ways to share this estimate or invoice with your customer.

Accepting Payment by Credit Card

If your company is set up to accept credit card payments, and your administrator has given you permissions to do so, you'll be able to accept payment for that invoice through credit card using our built-in credit card processing. This will allow you to accept payment on site with the mobile app, over the phone when customers call in card information, or our most popular option- by emailing out an online payment request for any invoice in the system.

Looking for a quick summary for creating estimates and invoices?  We’ve got you covered! There are 2 main things to know about creating estimates and invoices:

  • You create an estimate or invoice from the job record

  • You can accept payment for invoices through credit card using our built in processing (if your company has it set up. 

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