This guide will help you ensure your tax rate is set up correctly in Quickbooks. If this is not set up correctly in Quickbooks, your invoices will not sync. This is the most common cause of sync issues. Please follow these full instructions to get your invoices to sync.  

Log into Quickbooks Online. From your Dashboard page, click ‘Taxes’ in the left side menu. On the taxes page, click ‘Set up sales tax’’ to set up your tax rate localization. 

Enter your business address and click ‘Next’

Indicate whether you need to collect tax outside of your home State and click ‘Next’

 A window will pop up to confirm you’ve entered your localization settings. Close this window using the X at top right.

When you close that window, a new window will pop up to select your tax filing frequency. Select yours and click ‘Save’

Navigate to the ‘Taxes’ page again and click ‘Sales tax settings’ at top right.

 Then click ‘Edit’ and select the start date for your taxes. Click ‘Save’.

Next we have to ensure that sales tax is properly enabled for your line items - both old ones and new ones. Click on ‘Sales’ and then click ‘Products and Services’ in the sub-menu.

 On this page, for any line item that does not have ‘Taxable’ selected (but should), click ‘Edit. 

In the sidebar that pops up, under ‘Sales Tax Category’, choose ‘Taxable  - standard rate’ or ‘Choose a special category’ if this item has a special tax rate. Once you have applied tax to the line item, click ‘Save and close’. There will now be a checkmark under ‘Taxable’.  Repeat this process for any item that needs to be taxed.

Once you have successfully set up your tax rate in Quickbooks, you'll want to make sure it matches the tax rate you have set up in FieldPulse. Navigate to the Company Settings section and click on 'Estimates and Invoices'. Here you can set the tax rate in FieldPulse.

Once the tax rate matches in both places, you will be in good shape. If you have specific invoices that aren't syncing, it's a good idea to check the tax rate on that specific invoice - especially if it was created before all of this was set up. 

Open the invoice and you'll see the tax rate displayed at the bottom right.

If it does not match the tax rate you set up in Quickbooks, click 'Edit' on the invoice. You will see the tax rate at the bottom right in the window that pops up. Click the pencil icon to edit it, so that it matches the tax rate in Quickbooks. 

That’s it! Once your tax rate is set up and your line items have tax applied, your FieldPulse invoices items should sync over without issues. Congratulations, you just troubleshooted one of our most common Quickbooks sync issues. 

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