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[AUS] Setup Guide for Administrators, Part 1: Set up your business information
[AUS] Setup Guide for Administrators, Part 1: Set up your business information
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Welcome to FieldPulse!  This guide is designed to ensure you set up your account properly, as well as walk you through your first few weeks. 

While this guide follows many of our best practices, not all companies are set up the same way.  If you find something that isn’t working for you, let us know!  We have a team of customer success specialists on hand to help! 

Company settings

You should have gone through the onboarding flow to get your free trial set up - but let’s make sure you are set up correctly!  Click on Company Settings in the left navigation bar. It will take you to your General settings page:

Let’s first confirm all your contact information is set up correctly.  You will want to ensure we have an accurate email - you can receive notifications/reminders about jobs, as well as communication from your team. Make sure your name and phone number are accurate as well. 

Quote and Invoice settings

Next, enter the basic information for the setup of your quotes and invoices.  To do this, click the Estimates/Invoices tab from the top navigation bar of the Company Settings section:

Let’s start with the basics - you have the option to set your starting invoice number- most people start with the default, but if you have a numbering system that works for you, you can set the series of numbers you prefer. Whatever number you pick, estimate and invoice numbers will go up sequentially from there. 

We give you the option to change the terminology, if Quote does not translate in your business, you can change the name Proposal, Estimate or Bid.

You can check and make sure the currency and GST settings are correct on this page as well. 

Final step, make sure you upload your company logo to give your estimates/invoices that personal touch!

Notification settings

Next, let’s set up your notification preferences.  FieldPulse offers a few different ways to receive reminders and notifications.  To navigate to your preferences, click on the icon on the top right corner of the web app, then click my settings: 

You will then see a list of notification options with 3 ways to receive:

  1. Email: Pretty straight forward, but we will send you an email alert when the notification is triggered.

  2. In App: You will receive the notifications within the bell icon on the top navigation bar of the applications.  

  3. Push: These notifications will push to your mobile device once you have the mobile app downloaded.  

Each user within a FieldPulse account has to set up these preferences for themselves. and by default they are 'off'. It's a good idea to let your team know this!

Let’s make this simple -- to make sure your account is set up properly, complete the following list!

  • Company settings:

  • Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Quote/Invoice settings:

  • Office Address

  • Office Phone Number

  • Upload your logo

  • Currency Requirements

  • Set proper Tax name

  • Set Tax %

  • Notification Settings

That’s it! You just set up the basics in FieldPulse. Next we’ll dive into Adding your team members and setting up their account permissions and roles. 

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