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[AUS] Setup Guide for Administrators, Part 2: Add your team and set up their roles and permissions
[AUS] Setup Guide for Administrators, Part 2: Add your team and set up their roles and permissions
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You made it through step one of setting up your FieldPulse account.  This section is designed for companies with 2+ team members that need to be set up and have access to the app.  If you are a one man shop, congrats, you can go ahead and skip this guide and move on to part three of our getting started guide.

What User Roles/Permission are available?

We have 4 user roles that you can assign team members to.  Here is a quick summary of each role:

  1. Administrator: Admin users have full access to the FieldPulse account.  They are able to add/archive users, add/edit customers, schedule jobs, assign teams, create/edit estimates and invoices, and update/change any of the account level settings.  This role is best assigned to the company owner and the office manager.  

  2. Team Manager:  Team Managers can create and assign work to their team members.  Each team manager can be assigned to lead multiple teams.  This role is best assigned to your senior tradies or team leads.

  3. Service Agents: Service Agents can be assigned work, view their daily schedules, and access time sheets to clock in/out of their assigned jobs.  Depending on your company structure, you can either leave them as stand alone members, or you can assign them to teams.  This role is best for any tradies or managed employee.

  4. Assignment Role:  The assignment role is specifically designed for any day labor, or contract workers you pick up for a particular job.  They will not have access to FieldPulse, and is purely for job management and scheduling purposes.  This role is best assigned for day laborers or subcontractors you want to keep track of.

Side note: Within each role listed above, you are able to customize their permissions and what each user will have access to.  Questions about what your employees need access to?  Just chat us and we can help with your permission settings.

Ready to add your team members? Follow the instructions in this quick 2-minute video to start adding them:

Setting up Teams

If you operate in a team structure, you will want to set up your users into the appropriate teams.  Go back to the 'Company Settings' section of the application and then click User Accounts.  A second navigation bar will appear right below, click Teams.  Then click the green 'Create New' button.

You can set up as many teams as you need, and you can put team members/managers onto multiple teams. The goal here is to make scheduling as simple as possible. One thing you will want to ensure (to help streamline notifications) is to make sure your Team Managers are also listed as Team Members within the Team you are creating.  

Once you have your teams set up, make sure all team members have the Mobile Application downloaded.  The mobile app will ensure they have access to their schedules, job notes, and any team communication while on the go.  Is your team ready for training?  Send them this series of training videos, or they can always schedule live training HERE.

Best Practice: If you are wanting to see all assigned work/team assignments, make sure you add your Admins as Team Members on ALL of the teams you create.

Looking for a quick summary to guide you through this?  We’ve got you covered!

  • Add Team Member(s) to your account

  • Confirm what level of access they need: Admin, Team Manager, Service Agent

  • Make sure each additional team member downloads the mobile app

  • Create your teams

  • Make sure you have each team manager assigned to the right team as a manager and a member

  • Looking for full access, add any admins as team members as well

  • Send your team members the training videos

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