After you’ve added your customers into FieldPulse; you’ll want to schedule jobs and assign them to your team members to complete. Jobs might include quote appointments, service calls, recurring visits or anything else that you do for your customers.

To set up a new job, click on ‘Jobs’ on the menu on the left hand side. If you don’t see it there, click the downwards arrow next to Team Schedule to show it.

On the jobs page, click ‘Create New’. Note that you can also create a new job from the ‘Team Schedule’ page, if you want to look at the schedule before creating a job. The process will be the same, regardless of where you start from.

In the ‘Create New Job’ window that pops up, first select the customer for this particular job. If you haven’t added the customer yet, you can click ‘Create new Customer’ from the dropdown menu, or click the Add customer icon on the right hand side. We covered adding customers in more detail in the previous guide. If you’ve added the customer’s address, it will populate in the ‘Location’ field. If not, enter it there manually. Next, enter the job title, date and time of the visit and select team members for the job. This is an important step because that’s how your team will be notified about the job and be able to see the work on their FieldPulse app. You can also add any notes about the job, or select a job tag to color code the job on your schedule. You can see a video and step by step instructions on creating a job here

Once you have entered all of the pertinent info, click ‘Save’. You will be taken to the job ‘info’ page, which is the main page for this job record. 

On the job record page, you’ll see several options for adding information to the job. You can add this information or the team can add it on site, depending on what it is. You can add:

  • Comments about the job from managers or service agents assigned to the job (as well as triggering push notifications about new comments)
  • Subtasks, which are like ‘to do’s’ on site, usually added by the team manager or admin
  • Create a quote or invoice associate with this job, which can be done by the manager or service agent (depending on the permissions for your tradies)
  • Add files to the job (like photos or a PDF), done by managers or service agents
  • Clock in or out for this particular job, usually done by the service agent on site
  • Attaching a custom form to the job, usually done by service agent on site

Pro tip: You can send a customer communication email about a particular job by clicking the ‘Job actions’ button and selecting ‘Customer communications’. More on setting that up in Part 6 of the Setup Guide. 

Looking for a quick summary for setting up jobs?  We’ve got you covered! There are 2 main things to know about adding jobs:

  • On the ‘jobs’ page (or team schedule) click ‘Create Job’
  • Include at least the customer, location and job title
  • Make sure you assign your team members
  • On the job page you, or the service agent on site can perform several actions to record information about the job:
  • Comments
  • Subtasks
  • Quotes and Invoices
  • Files 
  • Timesheets
  • Custom forms
  • Customer communications
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