You can connect with your customers through FieldPulse using email, text messages or phone calls. 

There are two communication systems in FieldPulse; one, called communication templates allows you to send template email and SMS messages to customers. This is included in the system. The other is a full phone system called FieldPulse Engage, which gives you multiple phone lines and text messaging for your team - this is a paid add-on. 

Communication Templates:

Communication templates allow you to set up preset, customizable templates for emailing or text messaging customers. The email templates can be sent from the web app, and the SMS text message templates can be sent from the mobile app. 

To use this tool, you’ll first have to set up a template. You can do this in the administration section, under ‘Customer Communications’.

Create a new template, enter the subject line if it’s an email and then begin writing your templated message. You can insert ‘Field Values’ to customize the message. These include customer name, job location and job date, among many others. You could use this to set up a template similar to this one, as an example:

Once you’ve set up a template, open any job. Within the job, click ‘Job actions’ on web, or the green plus sign on the mobile app, and select ‘Customer Communications’.

You can then preview the customized message and send it with just a couple of clicks, whether it’s an email on the web app or a text message on the mobile app. 

FieldPulse Engage:

FieldPulse Engage is a single place for business calls, voicemails, and text messages with your customers. By using managed lines right within FieldPulse, your team can work together to respond to your customers and have a single place to see past conversations between your customers and tradies. 

Start by navigating to the 'Administration' page and then clicking on 'Features & Plugins'. Then, find 'FieldPulse Engage' and click 'Enable'. Engage is $39 month for the first 5 lines and additional lines after 5 are $5 per month per line. You will be assigned up to 5 local numbers, one is a main business line and the other are intended as managed lines for your tradies to use in the field. You can also port in your existing business number if you want. 

Once it has been enabled, you’ll see a link for Engage in the left side menu, click on that to go to the Engage page. 

On this page you can call or text message with customers, see past conversations for your main line and your managed lines (team members’ lines), check your voicemail or set a new voicemail greeting. To send a text or make a call, just select the customer from your customer list, or enter a new phone number. They can call you back and you can answer directly within the FieldPulse web or mobile app. 

Remember to allow Microphone permissions for the FieldPulse app to make this work!

You can learn more about the Engage system and how to get it set up on this page

Looking for a quick summary for communicating with your customers?  We’ve got you covered! There are 2 main communication systems

  • Communication templates
  • Email templates send from the web app
  • Text message templates send from the mobile app
  • Communication templates are sent from within a job
  • You can customize your communication templates using ‘Field values’ to pull info from the customer record or the job
  • FieldPulse Engage
  • This is a full phone system with 5 lines included
  • Calls or texts can be made or received from the web or mobile app
  • You will have a local number assigned or can port in your own number
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