You can create and send Reece purchase orders on the web app or the mobile apps, both Android and iPhone.

In this walkthrough we'll show you how to create and send a Reece purchase order from the iPhone app. The steps are the same in the Android app.

First, open the left side menu in the app and click on 'Sales' and then 'Purchase Orders'. This will take you to a list of your purchase orders.

Here you can see your existing purchase orders. You can search for a specific purchase order or use the filters to sort by status, customer and more.

Click the green button to create a new purchase order.

On the next screen, you'll start your purchase order by clicking on 'Supplier' and choosing 'Reece Max'

Next fill out the order number, select 'Delivery' or 'Pickup' for the goods and the address for delivery or pickup will automatically populate to your nearest Reece location.

Next select the customer that this PO applies to from the list. You can search to find them.

Once you've added the customer, back on the purchase order you can click 'New line item' to start adding Reece parts to this purchase order.

Search for the items you want. Don't forget to specify the unit of measurement and the quantity.

Once you've selected the parts and the quantity to add to the PO, confirm the details on the next screen and then click 'Save'. Continue clicking the 'New line item' button and adding line items until all the goods you want on the purchase order are listed.

Once the details of the purchase order look correct and complete, click 'Save' to finalize the purchase order.

On the purchase order screen, click the green button to place your order.

Once you click 'Order' the PO will be sent to Reece and show up in your Reece MaX app in a few hours.

Back on the purchase order screen, click the 'Status' button to change the status to reflect the current state of the order.

Click back to return to the main list of purchase orders. You can use the search or filters at top right to find PO's quickly. You'll see your recently created PO has been added to the list.

Don't forget to check your Reece MaX app to see the status of the order later in the day.

That's it! You just learned how to create and send a Reece purchase order on the FieldPulse mobile app.

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