This guide will walk you through the steps to set up a new job on the mobile app. The screenshots are from the iPhone app, but the Android app looks basically the same and the steps to follow will be the same.

First, open the left menu and navigate to your Team Schedule. On this page, click on the green plus sign.

In the page that opens up to create a new job, first click on 'Customer' to select an existing customer for this job, or add a new one.

This will open a list of your existing customers. Click the one you want to add.

Next enter the job title, start time (and date) and any notes. The location will be pre-populated to your customer's address. You can also change that if you need to. When that information is entered, click on 'Assigned Team Members'.

Click on the team you want to add team members from.

Next click on the names of whichever team members you want to add and then click 'Apply'.

Once you've assigned your team members and added any notes to the job, click 'Save' at the top right.

You will see the new job on your Team Schedule.

That's it! You just created a new job on the mobile app.

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