This guide will walk you through the steps to add a new customer on the mobile app. The screenshots are from the iPhone app, but the Android app looks basically the same and the steps to follow will be the same.

To add a new customer, first open the left side menu and click 'Customers'.

This will open your customer list. To add a new customer click the green plus sign.

You will see the option to create or import the new customer from your phone. In this guide we'll add the new customer from scratch.

First enter the customer type (individual or company), their status with your company (lead, opportunity, current, lost) and who the customer is assigned to.

Next add the customer's name, company name (if applicable), phone number and email. Then to begin adding their address, click 'Address Line 1' to pull up the address auto-complete.

Then select the address from the auto-populated list.

Confirm the address details, then add any customer notes ('Notes') or job notes. Job notes are automatically inserted into any new job you create for this customer.

Once you've entered the notes click 'Save'.

Once the customer details are complete and correct, click 'Save'.

This will take you to their new customer record. Click the green plus sign to take action on this customer such as creating a new job, estimate, form etc).

That's it! You just created a new customer on the mobile app. If you need any help with this please email us at

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