This article is going to show you how you can put your item descriptions on the PDF that you are sending out to your customer.

First you will go to Company Settings.

Once you have opened up the Company Settings you will choose the 'Estimates & Invoices' tab. Under that you will choose 'Preview Settings'.

You will then scroll down to where you see the header "Default PDF Settings". You will then toggle on the very first toggle, "Display Line Item Descriptions on PDF".

Once you have toggled this on and it is green, you will scroll back up to the top and hit 'Save' in the right hand corner.

This change applies to all invoices MOVING FORWARD. This is not retroactive. So, if you have an invoice/estimate that you have already created you will need to change these PDF Settings at the Estimate/Invoice Record.

You will first navigate to the invoice/estimate you are looking to add description to. Then you will hit 'Preview' and in the top left corner you will see a blue button labeled "PDF Display Options".

You will then turn on the first toggle, "Display Line Item Descriptions on PDF".

You will then hit the blue 'Save' button.

This will refresh the screen and you will then see an updated version of the estimate/invoice PDF that contains the line item description.

Congrats!! You added line item descriptions.

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