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  2. Enable the Features and Plugins

  3. Add and Manage your Customers in FieldPulse

After your customers are added, it's time to learn how you can schedule and dispatch through FieldPulse!

FieldPulse has several different ways to schedule work for you team. A 'job' might include an estimate appointment, service call, recurring visit, or any type of action you do for a customer that you would want to appear on a schedule.

The schedule can be accessed by navigating to the 'Schedule' tab on the left hand menu. We have four different viewing options outlined below.

List View

You can select from the drop down your personal calendar, you can select a specific team's schedule, you can even select individual team members you'd like to see as well. We also have an option for 'unassigned' jobs that allows you to easily view all unassigned jobs for the day, week, month.

You can select specific information you'd like displayed on the schedule by clicking the drop-down menu to the right.

Please note, you can schedule a job directly from this view as well!

Dispatch View

The team dispatch view can be used to find open availability among team members and available slots for new or unassigned jobs. This can be done directly on the 'Dispatch View' on the 'Team Schedule' page or while creating a new job record and clicking 'Find Availability' button near the date/ time selector.

To expand the team view, you can click the square 'toggle wide' to actually schedule directly from the dispatch view. If you click into the selected team member and the selected time cell, you can 'create a new job' directly from the schedule.

You can also schedule a job by clicking 'Create Job' in the top right corner.

Calendar View

The calendar view allows you to drag and drop jobs, color code as well as schedule directly from the cell you select.

Map View

The map view is going to give you a birds eye view of your schedule. You can optimize and schedule routes, reassign jobs and schedule work directly from this view.

In summary, we have the following scheduling and dispatch view options available:

  • List View

  • Dispatch View

  • Calendar View

  • Map View


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