Once you've received payment for your work, it's now time to enter that payment in FieldPulse!

Payments are required in order to mark the invoice as 'Paid' or 'Partially Paid.' This allows you to record full or partial payments made by the customer and automatically keep track of balances due.

Marking an Invoice as Paid

When an invoice has been paid, open the invoice record that you want to apply a payment to. On the invoice record, click 'Payment'.

This will pop up a window where you can process a credit card if you're using our built in payments system. To mark a payment manually, click 'Mark Payment'

Enter the payment method, confirm the amount and date, and add any notes. Then click 'Save'.

After the full payment record has been attached to the invoice, the invoice will move to ‘Paid’ status.

If the sum of the payment for the invoice is less than the invoice total amount, then the status will automatically change to ‘Partially Paid.’

If you've been approved to accept credit cards through FieldPulse, then you can accept payment in 3 ways:

  1. Emailing an online payment request to a customer

  2. Processing the payment on the mobile app

  3. Processing the payment on the web app

Emailing an Online Payment Request to a Customer

FieldPulse payments make accepting credit cards incredibly simple. Our integration allows your customers to enter their credit card details directly through the email or SMS you send them.

Once your customer enters in the payment details, the invoice will automatically change to 'Paid.'

You will find a record of all your payments by clicking 'Invoices' on the left hand menu. Then selecting 'Payments' on the top bar. You can also record a payment here as well.

If you want a quick glance at work that you have been paid or not paid for. You can click into 'Jobs' on the left hand menu. Then looking at the Customer column and see the status stamp (Paid, Invoiced, Void, Estimate).

For additional payment resources, please see below:


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