🎉 2022 Product Releases and Enhancements 🎉

June 2022 🔥

1. New Job Redesign on Webapp

Out with the old, in with the NEW AND IMPROVED! 👀 We've consolidated and redesigned our job record on the webapp.

2. Duplicate Customer Checker

When adding a new customer to FieldPulse we now have a 'Duplicate Customer Checker' to eliminate adding any customers that are already in FieldPulse. If the customer record already exists, you'll get a notification indicating the existing customers information. To learn more about customer management in FieldPulse, click here.

May 2022 📈


FieldPulse Payments is now available in the US and Australia.

  • Fully integrated Payment System

  • Personalized Payment Portal for full 360 Financal Visibility

  • On-the-spot Mobile Payments

  • Collect ACH Payments

  • Low transaction fees

Getting started takes less than 10 minutes and is completely paperless. To get started, go to Company Settings>Features and Plugins>FieldPulse Payments>Enable>Sign Up!

To learn more or get started, please contact our Customer Success team via the blue chat or by emailing at support@fieldpulse.com.

2. Automatic Tax Rates

With the new Automatic Tax Rate (once enabled), when creating an estimate or invoice the system will automatically fill in the tax rate on your estimate or invoice using your customer's billing address zip code. To enable this feature, go to Company Settings>Features and Plugins> Automatic Tax Rate> Enable.

3. HazordCo Mobile App Integration (FieldPulse Australia)

You can now integrate with HazardCo and allow fr SWMS to be created in the mobile app.

4. New Integration: Quickbooks Australia and Canada Released

The wait is over! We've finally released our Quickbooks integration on webapp and mobile for our customers in Australia and Canada. Select tax rates on invoices and estimates and never have to worry about double entry again! To learn more about how the integration works or to get set up, please contact us at support@fieldpulse.com.

April 2022 🌼

1. Site Visits

🤯 You read that correctly! You can now add multiple site visits to the same job number, schedule site visits on different days, and assign either the same tech or assign a different team member to a visit!

2. Customer Communication Enhancements

You can now schedule custom times for automatic email/SMS triggers. To learn more about the customer communication options, click here.

3. Estimate and Invoice Enhancement

Update Your Unit Price and Unit Cost Instantly

You now have the ability to update the unit cost or unit price of the underlying line item directly from the estimate and invoice record. You no longer need to go back to your item repository to manually update the price.

Ability to an image to each line item

4. Design/ Display Updates

  • On the Customer page, you can now expand fields to see full customer contact details.


  • Account Type Residential / Commerical'

March 2022 🥁

1. New Feature Release: Review Management

We've released a FREE review management tool your company can now take advantage of. This tool allows you to request reviews from your customers directly after a job is completed as well as capture ratings and feedback on your team members. Video and article coming soon!

2. Partnership Announcement: Wisetack Consumer Financing

With Wisetack, you can now offer financing options to your customers.

  • Financing from $500-$25,000

  • Fast & Easy Application and Approval (NO PAPERWORK!)

  • No Credit Impact for Customers

  • Terms from 3 to 60 Months

To learn more and get signed up, click here.

3. Asset Management Enhancements

  • We've added an 'Update' button to the asset management page. Updates will allow you to make updates to assets that are already in FieldPulse. You can update pictures as well as additional text. Available on webapp and mobile. Learn more on managing assets here.

    4. Maintenance Agreement Reporting Function

  • You can now build reports as well as export Maintenance agreements through our reporting feature. You can find this under Management>Reporting>Maintenance Agreements. Learn more, here.

February 2022 🌹

1. New Feature Release: PDF Form Filler

  • You can now import pre-exsisting fillable forms or customize your own and attach those to customer records, job records, projects, ect. To learn more, click here.

2. New Feature Release: Custom Sales Pipeline

  • You can now manage your entire sales pipeline with our new Custom Sales Pipeline tool. You have the ability to customize each status to align with your specific business. To enable this feature to to Company Settings>Features & Plugins>Custom Sales Pipeline>Enable.

3. Maintenance Agreement Enhancements

  • You can now set automatic reminders on your Maintenance Agreements. You can set a reminder for your customer, yourself or both!

January 2022 🎇

1. Pricebook Enhancements

  • You can now include an 'Option List' on your flatrate job. After selecting a flat rate job you can then have it take your customer to an option list page where they can show upsells or options.

  • You can now do manual or automatic markups on a per line item basis. Instead of being on the entire flat rate job, you can now have different markups or manual markups on each line item independently.

  • You now have the option to enable or disable Pricebook on an individual user basis.

To learn more about Pricebooks, click here!

2. Invoicing Enhancement

  • You now have the ability to send invoices not only by email but by text as well!

We now have automatic communication triggers for overdue invoices! The days of not getting paid are over. To set up the automatic email or SMS go to Company Settings>Features and Plugins (make sure Customer Communication is enabled)>Customer Communications> Automatic Triggers.

3. Customer Enhancement

We've added 'Lead Source' to the Customer record! When creating a new customer, we have a section where you can capture how they founds you. You have the ability to run reports on these sources as well.

🎉 2021 Product Releases and Enhancements 🎉

December 2021

1. New Announcement Announcement: Pulse Fleet Tracking

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking enables you to track the location of your work vehicles in real-time, directly from the FieldPulse app! Track driving speeds, vehicle use, mileage reports and technical driving patterns. To learn more, click here.

2. Customer Enhancements

We've added 'Total Amount' and 'Amount Due' at the top of each customer record so you know how much each customer owes at quick glance as well as how much business they've done with you in the past.

3. Asset Enhancement

You can now create an asset from a Maintenance Agreement! Yay!

4. New Product Release: Dynamic Proposal Tool

  • You can now create professional proposals including cover pages, information pages, multiple offerings with photos, reviews, case studies and more! To learn more, click here.

5. Additional Enhancements

  • You can now sort 'Project Lists' page by status, number, and name!

  • We now have an 'Estimate Title' on the dashboard widget for estimates.

  • Admins can now upload and edit team member photos in FieldPulse.

  • You can add hourly and billing rate and hourly cost rate to a user profile.

  • New Feature and Plugin page redesign.

November 2021

1. Enhancements

  • Added 'reference field' on estimate and invoices. This personalized reference field will carry over to the invoice.

  • Ability to display both the Service Address as well as the Billing Address on the invoice.

October 2021

1. New Product Release: Maintenance Agreements

You can now create maintenance agreements on individual customer records in FieldPulse. You can quickly convert these agreements into work orders, and even create custom tired plans. To learn more, click here

2. New Product Release: Multi Hub Inventory Replenishment

You now have the ability to add multiple inventory hubs in FieldPulse. You can include a specific quantity on each 'hub/van' that will automatically deplete from your repository.

September 2021

1. New Feature Release: Asset Management

You can now track all of your customers assets as well as your companies assets through our Asset Management feature. To learn more, click here.

2. New Xero Integration Enhancement Released

New and improve Xero integration released. To learn more or get your Xero integrated with FieldPulse, please contact support@fieldpulse.com.

Additional Enhancements

  • Ability to 'hover-over' items for descriptions on estimate and invoices to display. Much easier to read and way cleaner design.

  • Added 'instructions' to appear on Purchase Order PDFs

  • Line break formatting for Variant Proposal and Pricebook

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