Create a Quote/Invoice and Sync to Xero
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Create from the Quotes and Invoices Page:

On the left menu, click on either 'Quotes' or 'Invoices'. This will pop up a ‘New Quote / Invoice’ window.

Enter the Basic Details:

Select ‘Create Quote’ or ‘Create Invoice’ button at the top of the window, then choose the customer. Once you select a customer, you’ll be able to enter details in the reference field (optional) this will be displayed both on the Quote/Invoice record and sync to your Xero account.

Next you can enter any notes about this Quote or Invoice including details of the work to be performed or any additional text you want to include.

Add Line items:

Next click the green ‘Add Item’ button to start adding line items to the Quote or Invoice. These are the items that will be listed on the Quote/Invoice record with prices next to them to comprise the total of the work that you are billing for e.g ‘Labour’ or ‘Materials’.

In the window that pops up, click to select the line item you want to add then click ‘Add to Quote/Invoice’. You can adjust the price or quantity field of any line item. When everything looks correct, click 'Save'. If you have not added any line items now is a good time to add one.

In the ‘Select invoice item’ dropdown, click ‘Create New Line item’. You will then enter the item name, decide whether it is a product or a service, enter the default quantity, enter the Unit Price and you can even choose to add the Unit Cost - this way you can track your profitability per Invoice/Quote. Once your line item is set up, click 'Create Item’ and then click ‘Add to Quote/Invoice’

Repeat this process to add as many line items as you need until your Quote or Invoice is complete, when everything looks good click ‘Save’. This will save either a quote or an invoice draft. Either can be edited by clicking the edit button so you can change any details you want as you go.

Sync Quote or Invoice:

Before you send the customer the Quote/Invoice you must ensure it has synced with Xero first. On the quote record, update the status from ‘Draft’ to ‘Quote’ via the drop down and click ‘refresh’. This will sync the quote to your Xero and you will notice the quote number will be updated.

Note: Draft Invoices do not sync to Xero

On the invoice record, you can update the status from ‘Draft’ to ‘Invoiced’ by clicking on ‘Finalize Invoice’ button then click refresh. This will sync the invoice to your Xero and you will notice the invoice number will be updated.

Share the Quote or Invoice:

If you would like to share this document with a customer click the 'Preview' button

Next click ‘Email to Customer’. The customer’s email and name should be pre-populated so all you have to do is click 'Send'.

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