Supplier Invoices enable automatic import of your Supplier Invoice into FieldPulse by forwarding your emails directly to our system.

To get started

  1. Navigate to your company settings> Features & Plugins> (scroll down) and enable Supplier Invoices.

  2. Once enabled select supplier invoice settings to see your personalised email which you will need to provide to your suppliers.

  3. Request your supplier to send invoices to the personalised email address.

  4. Once the supplier has sent it should display in FieldPulse under sales tab> purchase orders> supplier invoices within approximately 12-24hrs. (We are actively working on reducing the processing time).

NOTE: This will only work for supported suppliers; if your supplier is not yet supported contact us and provide an invoice example from your supplier for our team to map.

Current Supplier List: Reece, Demar Hardware, Bunnings Trade, Adbri Masonary, Tradelink, Middy's Electric Co, Bowens, Haymans, Plumbing World, Mico, Zip Plumbing Plus)

Creating/ Connecting Supplier Invoices

Navigate to the Sales menu and click Purchase Orders then click on the Supplier Invoices tab, you can search for your invoices *they will display in chronological order from order date*.

You can view your supplier invoice by selecting it from the list, from here you will see the green actions tab which provides you with the options below;

  • Creating a invoice from a supplier invoice can save you time and energy when building invoice!

  • Connecting supplier invoices to jobs and/or projects allows both organisation of purchases related to jobs and the ability to track expenses as all connected supplier invoices/ purchase orders will combine to provide an expense figure under the cost tab within a job/ project record.

    Check out a demo of supplier invoices HERE

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