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2023- New Feature Releases and Product Updates
2023- New Feature Releases and Product Updates
New Features, Improvements, and all Product Updates 2023 Focus: Automation & Customization
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🎉 2023 Product Releases and Enhancements 🎉

May 2023

Date/Time Stamp on pictures

This feature allows you to capture and timestamp important project photos on the go. Easily track progress, document milestones, and maintain accurate records by effortlessly embedding the date and time onto each picture, right within the FieldPulse app. Simplify your documentation process and stay organized.

Pin Tabs Customer Profile

Stay organized and efficient with Customer Tab Pinning in FieldPulse. Easily access all essential customer information at a glance by pinning tabs on the main customer record.

Generate Work Order PDF and Invoice Receipt PDF

Generate Work Order PDF from Estimate or Invoice Record and Invoice Receipt PDF for Invoice Record. Seamlessly create professional PDFs, streamlining your workflow and enhancing customer communication. Note you also have the option to attach to related jobs, new jobs, or invoices.

Navigate to the actions button to find these options under PDFs.

Export Full Records

Export Full Records for Estimate and Invoice Reporting. Generate comprehensive PDF reports containing all records within a selected date period.

Navigate to Management> Reporting> Estimate & Invoice> Raw data> select date period> Run report> data will load> select ‘Export Full Records’ [Bottom left]

Mini Release: Invoice Number now included when exporting payment data

Variant Proposal display of estimate with options

When viewing an estimate, there will now be a new toggle option in the upper right to switch it to a 'Variant Proposal' view using the underlying estimate. Why is this important versus the regular Variant Proposal? Now the variant proposal can have a real underlying estimate, which can also be easily converted into an invoice because it has a true underlying estimate.

[Note: Version 2 coming soon will also have add-on options, a signature page, and more]

Photo Compression Options

The 'Compress Photo' toggle is now enabled by default for faster uploading speeds. Additionally, you can now choose the level of photo compression, providing greater flexibility and control over image quality and upload times.

Mini Release: Show the customer's Full Name on hover while viewing the customer list

Pricebook [5 option Good Better Best]

With the new update, organizing flat-rate jobs within Pricebooks has become more flexible. The 'Good, Better, Best' option now allows for the display of up to five flat-rate jobs side by side, offering customers a more comprehensive view of options and improving sales opportunities for businesses.

Inventory Hubs [Mobile]

Inventory Hubs, a popular web app feature, is now available on the FieldPulse 2.0 Mobile App by popular demand. You can create new items and assign them to specific hubs, as well as build new hubs directly from the mobile app for greater convenience and flexibility.

Customer Communication Triggers for Site Visits Status

With enhancements to our Customer Communication Triggers, your customers can receive updates triggered by site visit status changes, ensuring they stay informed on scheduled visits. This feature enhances customer satisfaction and enables your business to maintain better customer relationships.

Customer Merge Tool

The new customer merge feature allows you to merge duplicate customer profiles into a single record, eliminating confusion and streamlining workflows. With just a few clicks, you can easily combine customer information, including contact details, jobs, and invoices, saving time and improving data accuracy. The feature also allows you to select which information to keep in case of conflicting data.

April 2023

Reporting Enhancements

We have introduced new reporting enhancements that offer greater control and flexibility when generating job reports. With the latest update, you can now filter job reports by the invoice status related to the job or by tags associated with the job.

Additionally, you can filter estimate and invoice reports by overdue estimates or invoices, giving you a clear view of your outstanding payments and enabling you to take action to address any issues.

Lastly when pulling timesheet reports you can now choose to include hourly cost rate and total cost.

'Do Not Service' Stamp

The "Do Not Service" stamp is applied to a customer's account when the customer is tagged with the "Do Not Service" tag. It serves as a visual reminder to prevent accidental service calls to the tagged customer, improving overall customer service and reducing potential conflicts.

Create recurring bills while creating/editing a maintenance agreement.

The maintenance agreement enhancement allows users to create recurring bills while creating or editing agreements, streamlining billing, and agreement set up. This feature saves time and effort by automating billing tasks, leading to increased efficiency and improved cash flow management.

Alternative Company Details displayed on records

If you operate two businesses within one FieldPulse account, you can now quickly and easily adjust the business details displayed on your sales records which are sent to customers. This can be accessed in Company Settings > Estimates & Invoices > Preview Settings

New Estimate/ Invoice Display Setting: Hide all Line Items on an estimate/invoice.

Why is this important? With the new 'Title' 'Display' and 'Photo' on estimates/invoices, You might want to JUST show that and not the underlying items. This is how you do it. The setting is found on the 'Display Settings' of the estimate/invoice and it can be set default on/off.

Pricebook to estimate/ invoice improvement

When selecting from the Pricebook, the 'Title,' 'Description,' and Photo from the flat rate job on the Pricebook will now load into the estimate. When inserting multiple options or add-on options from the Pricebook, you can route them into separate estimate options and/or add-on options.

Pull your 'Total TimeSheets Clocked' into your Project Estimate

The new project invoice functionality allows the insertion of "Total Timesheets Clocked" from a project when creating estimates/invoices.

Pricebook & Repository Alignment

Pricebooks will match the item repository for the 'Unit Cost' If the 'Unit Cost' of an item in the item repository is changed, then all items in the Pricebook with that same item will adjust the 'Unit Cost' to the same.

Alternatively in the Pricebook, you can set the items to fully match the underlying item repository for both 'Unit Cost' and 'Unit Price'. In that case, any changes to the 'Unit Cost' or 'Unit Price' of the underlying invoice item will change the Pricebook items too.

Contract Formatting

FieldPulse's new feature lets users format professional-looking contracts with customizable fonts, colors, and structures. The user-friendly interface makes formatting easy, enhancing your business reputation.

Explore Now: Company Settings> Quotes/Estimate & Invoices> Contracts> Edit/ Create New.

Permanent Quote Record

A new enhancement in the Quote/Estimate to Invoice conversion feature now allows you to keep the original quote record for reference instead of completely converting and losing it. This ensures better record-keeping and enables you to review the original quote details if needed.

Timesheet Prompts [Mobile]

Timesheet Prompt feature streamlines the time tracking process by prompting your techs to start a new timesheet when they update a jobs status. This should reducing the likelihood of missed time entries and inaccurate data. The Timesheet Prompt feature ensures that every moment on the job is accounted for, increasing the accuracy of time tracking and ultimately leading to more accurate invoicing and better financial reporting.

Enable via the Mobile app> user icon [top right]> My Settings> Toggle on

Sales Tool- Estimate Options/ Add Ons

The estimate Option feature allows you to create multiple estimate options for your customers. With this feature, you can offer various service or product options at different price points within the same estimate, allowing customers to select the option that best fits their needs and budget. This feature simplifies the estimation process for both you and your customer by eliminating the need for multiple estimates and enabling the user to easily create and present multiple options in a single estimate.

Bulk Edit Customer Records

Introducing the new Bulk Customer Edit feature! Managing a large customer base just got easier with the ability to make mass updates to customer information in just a few clicks. With this feature, you can quickly update contact information, add notes, and even assign tags or custom fields to multiple customers at once. Save time and ensure accuracy with this feature, designed to streamline your workflow and improve your overall customer management experience.

New PDF Display Setting> Display Line Item Subtotal on Estimate

Showing line item subtotal on an estimate can be highly beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it provides greater transparency to the customer by breaking down the costs associated with each item or service, enabling them to see exactly what they are paying for. This can help build trust and increase customer satisfaction. Displaying line item subtotal also enables the business to track profitability and make more informed decisions about pricing and future estimates.

Toggle this on as a default via Company Settings> Quotes & Invoices> Preview Settings> Save

PriceBook Import

You can now import an external Pricebook into your FieldPulse account by using our Pricebook import template attached below. Feel free to reach out to our team with any further questions.

Steps to import

1) Download PriceBook Import Template> HERE

2) Build out your Pricebook Template

3) Reach out to the FieldPulse Team to have this imported into your account

Line Item Tag Search [Webapp Only]

You can now more effectively utilize our item tag feature as you can now search for a certain tag when adding a line item to an invoice.

Technicians Schedule Visibility Limitations

We have added the ability to restrict your technician's schedule view. This can be beneficial for schedule simplicity, internal adjustments, or general schedule privacy.

Added schedule visibility options include: Viewing one open job at a time, viewing jobs assigned today, view jobs assigned for today and tomorrow, viewing jobs assigned for today, tomorrow, and the day after, or viewing all assigned jobs. Furthermore, you can limit users to x number of days of viewing for scheduling/jobs on mobile and the web. For example, if they select 1 day then the techs would only be able to see the day of the job and not any jobs in the future.

Utilize this feature now: Company Settings> User Accounts> Users> Select on a user> Edit> User Permissions> Schedule Visibility Drop Down> Save.

Engage Lead Source

This feature is designed to help you better manage your advertising effort by allowing you to link a phone number with a certain Lead source.

Insert travel time into your invoice

You can now quickly and easily include travel time figures directly into the quantity field of a line item while building an invoice. This feature is especially useful if you must account for travel time when billing your clients.

Recurring job selection schedule enhancements

When scheduling a re-occurring job you now have the ability to select the days of the week instead of the days of the month.

March 2023

Import Mobile contacts to customers in FieldPulse 2.0 app

You now have the option to import your mobile contacts from your device into the FieldPulse 2.0 app as a new customer.

*Please ensure your app is updated to the latest version for this feature, you also might need to re-download the app*

Recurring job- File Feature

Reoccurring jobs now have the option to attach files. Any files uploaded here will automatically add to all job occurrences created for that recurring job feature.

Search and sort feature for Templates

When creating a new record [Job, Quote, Invoice, and Maintenance Agreement] via the template feature you can now utilize a search bar rather than scrolling down a list.

Mini Release: Enhanced Custom Frequency for Maintenance Agreements

You now have the opportunity to truly customize the frequency of your maintenance agreements.

Plumbing PriceBook [US]

The US Plumbing Pricebook has been released! Reach out to the Customer Success Team for more information on Pricebooks .

Customer Communication- New Automatic Trigger> Estimate Follow Up

You can now set an auto communication for your selected email and SMS templates to be sent X days after your estimate has been sent. This can you with following up on potential deals. Please note this tigger will be disabled once your customer interacts with your estimate by either accepting or rejected your estimate.

Apply Markup/Margin to Estimates & Invoices

You now have the ability to apply markup or achieve a specific margin on the entire estimate/invoice by automatically adjusting all the line items at once. This helps you ensure profit consistency on your jobs with little effort!

MARKUP is your items price minus its cost.

PROFIT MARGIN refers to the revenue you make after paying the cost of goods sold.

[Example: If the cost of a product is $1 and you sell it for $2, your markup is 100%, but your Profit Margin is only 50%.]

Notification Settings Enhancements

You now have an enhanced level of customizations around notifications! You can set up specific recipient options for your internal company and your customers.

Set up your notifications> Company Settings> Customer Communications> Notification Settings

Increase Text Limit for Estimate/Invoice Footnotes to 10K Characters

Add in important company information in your estimate and/or invoice footnotes with a larger text-limit.

New PDF Display Toggle: 'Display Line Subtotal on Estimate'

Customise what information you wish to have displayed on your estimates with this mini feature addition.

Choose to toggle this off and on when sending out your estimates or set it up as a default via company settings> Estimates & Invoices> Preview Settings> [Scroll Down] PDF Display Settings> Toggle on/off> Save.

Add Items Directly In To your Groupings

Reduce your clicks to speed up your workflow with this mini feature addition

Duplicate your Flat Rate Jobs in Pricebooks

You can now duplicate a flat-rate job while editing your Pricebooks. Utilizing this option can be highly effective when building an additional service that is similar to a pre-existing one. As you could duplicate the original flat rate job and quickly make your specific adjustments to the duplicate.

Estimate/Quote Audio Attachment

You can now attach a voiceover audio recording to your estimates! This feature can enhance your service offering by providing your customers with a personable message which clearly and thoroughly explains the details of your proposed service.

Required/ Mandatory Job Subtasks [Webapp & Mobile App]

You can now make your job subtasks mandatory! A pop-up will appear when a subtask is set as required and the user attempts to update the primary job to complete!

*Note you might be required to 'clear your cache' prior to implementing this feature*

Feb 2023

Export your Invoice Cost Basis

You can now export the data displayed in your cost basis tab within each of your invoices.

How: Navigate to your invoice record> select on the 'Cost Basis' tab> Export [Top right]> Download your export.

Engage Working Hours

You can now set working hours within the Engage feature! This will allow you to select the timeframe during which customers can make calls. You can choose for an after-hours call to be redirected to an alternative number or set an after-hours voice message.

To set up your working hours, navigate to your Engage feature> settings> Working Hours> Set your hours> Save + Select the 'Other Settings' Tab to set up after-hours redirection or voice message.

PDF Form Filler- Send to Your Customer To Be Filled Out [MOBILE]

You can now send your PDFs through to your customers to have them fill out the required information all from your mobile device.

To do so, navigate to your file tab> Actions> attach File/ Photo> import file from PDF library> select file> 'Do you want to edit the PDF in Form Filler? > YES or No> Select on file> Actions> Send to be Filled.

New Dashboard Widgets and Enhancements:

NEW Daily Updates: Check out this new widget on the top left-hand side of your web app dashboard. Figures on this dashboard include daily completed jobs, created jobs, created invoices, and created customers.

NEW Team Member sales widget: The widget displays team member sales for the day, week, month, quarter and year. The widget will only display team members the user is a manager of.

Map View with jobs pinned: Click on jobs for expanded job details.

Aesthetic Modification to Invoice and Estimate sales by date widget: Fresh new green look!

January 2023

Favourite PDFs for Mobile

A great feature to keep your service agent's workflow organised and simple! Instead of them scrolling through all the companies' PDFs, you can now favourite the most relevant files for the team to access via the actions button on mobile easily!

Set up your favourite files: Company settings> jobs> file library> star> save

Utilizing Favourite files on mobile: Navigate to a job record> actions> Create a Favourite PDF Form> Fill> Save.

Engage: Add Audio Recording

You can now recording you own voice and attach it as a voicemail message to various engage numbers! Learn more below.

Schedule: Additional Display Field

You can now add the total invoice amount as a display field within your schedule views!

Line Item Automatic Mark-ups

Set an automatic mark-up for your line items via company settings> quotes & invoices> invoice items> edit an item and select the mark-up icon beside the unit cost field.

If 'Automatic Markup' is enabled for the item, then anytime the 'Unit Cost' changes (either manually, via file upload, or API), the 'Unit Price' should get automatically marked up based on the 'Automatic Markup Percentage.'

Job Templates on Web App & Mobile

You will love this feature! Joining our invoices, estimate and maintenance agreement templates is...JOB TEMPLATES!

Save a bunch of time! You can save common job types as templates, Start to toggle on jobs as you create them or spend a few moments setting up some templates for your most popular job types. Quickly and easily select from a saved template to fast pace your scheduling. But wait, that's not all..... the new JOB TEMPLATES function allows you to not only template the job information, but also related files, subtasks, estimates, and invoices! So you can now create a whole flow in one template.

Pin Tabs [MOBILE]

You can now pin tabs to your job record on the mobile app! Pin your tabs once, and you are set to grasp all you need with only a swift scroll!

> This includes a 1- click button to mark subtasks as complete!

Separate Commissions for technicians

You can now set up technician-specific commission rates via their user account [Company settings> user accounts> Users> Select on user> Edit Fill out 'Commission Rate']. Once this is set your invoice cost basis tab will show you service commission based on this rate + commission reports will also be calculated based on individual tech commission rate.

**Note the company commission rate will be the default unless your techs individual commission is added**

[Cant see any commission option? Be sure to turn it on first via Company Settings> Estimates and Invoices> Advanced > Turn on commissions> Set a commission rate]

Fresh New Dashboard Widget Look!!! [Payments Collected & Invoice & Quote Sales by Created Date]

We have adjusted the look of these two widgets and enhanced your ability to customize them! Check out all your customization options in the video below or jump right into your dashboard and customize your account now!

New Report Functionality: Technician Sales Report

You can pull a sales report on your technicians for a chosen time period. The report will calculate Sales Volume [sum of all invoices], Average Sale Size [Sales Volume/ # of invoices], Calls [# of jobs assigned], Call Backs [# Assigned jobs with 'Call Back' tagged] and Call Back Percentage [Call back/ Calls].

Try Now: Reporting> Job> Sales

You may use this report to track commission, divvy up bonuses, or track employee performance!

**Add the 'Call Back' [call back] tag to any follow-up job to utilize the call back column in the report. **

Variant Proposal- Preview> Prompt to create estimate/ invoice [Mobile App]

You now have the same functionality as the web app! Perfect for showcasing your variant proposals on-site from your device! You can choose the best option alongside your customer and easily convert the selection into an estimate or invoice within two clicks (Buy Now> Save)

QuickBooks/ Xero Synced accounts: Auto Refresh when 'Finalise Invoice' button is selected

Stop having to refresh the page when finalising your estimates and invoices, we have now encoded an auto refresh once you select the 'Finalise Invoice' button!


FieldPulse Engage is a single place for business calls, voicemails, and text messages with your customers. By using managed lines right within FieldPulse, your team can work together to respond to your customers and have a single place to see past conversations between your customers and techs.

AUS-$55 for 2 lines and $10 for each additional line

*Reach out to our team on chat or emails us at to get started*

Engage: Call Notes

Digitalise any call notes allowing you to capture all customer communications and relevant notes in a centralised area which is beneficial for other team members to grasp key information or the next steps for any potential future communications.

Customer mobile now option PDF display setting

You can now toggle customer mobile off/ on as a PDF display setting. You can set your selection while previewing your estimate or invoice.

Modify Billing Customers on estimates/ Invoices

You can adjust the bill to the customer and address on your estimates and invoices! This feature will come in handy for trades who create invoices from their job records and when their job customer is different from their billing customer (Eg: tenant: Real Estate)

Schedule: Custom Job tile [Mobile]

Customize your mobile app select from 3 views Standard, expended or customized. The customized view allows you to specifically select which fields you wish to have displayed, be sure to save!

Schedule: Right-click shortcut

Fast Track job record adjustments with our new right-click option available across all schedule views but the map, you can now right-click on a job to update the status, edit, add a comment, create a new estimate, invoice, subtask, reassign or open in a new tab.

Schedule: New Team Member Selector

Check out our new team member selector view, making it quick and easy to customise your view based on multiple teams, team members, or singular teams or team members.

Schedule Views- Invoice Status Stamp via display fields

You can now have the status of an associated estimate/ invoice displayed on your job (work order/ service) via the schedule view. Select the drop-down on your top right to display this field and select invoice status.

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