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60 + pre-built business insights and the opportunity to build customized reports!

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Do you need specific insights into your business? Look, NO further our Power Reporting feature has you covered! We have over 60 pre-built insights for you to utilize, and if we are missing anything, then you have the opportunity to request our engineers to build a customized report just for you! Additionally, for those of you who want to give it a crack yourself, request for your own Power Reporting Portal login to customize and build your own dashboards and insights!

Getting Started with Power Reporting

Reach out to us via chat/ support email [support@fieldpulse.com] to request the Power Reporting feature! Our team will toggle on this feature in your account, and after refreshing your page, you will have the Power Reporting Page under the Management tab! [Give it a moment to load and calculate all your insights]

On this page, you will have five dashboards that contain the following insights. Each dashboard has a Date Range Filter to customize your view.

Overview Dashboard

  • Invoice Profit Margin Per-Quarter

  • Revenue Per Quarter

  • Top 5 Customers by Amount Paid

  • Job Completed Per Quarter

Customer Dashboard

  • Top 25 Customers by Amount Paid

  • Sales - Customers With Outstanding Balances

  • Average Deal Size Residential/Commercial

  • Total Amount Paid Residential/Commercial

  • Number of Customers by Tag

  • Residential/Commercial Customers

  • Number of Customers by Status

Job Dashboard

  • Jobs by Status

  • Team Member Hours By Job

  • Average Job Duration By Job Type

  • Average Job Duration by Tag

  • Jobs Frequency (potential schedule optimization)

  • Total clocked Hours By Job Last 30 Days

Quote/Estimate Dashboard

  • Average Estimate Deal Size

  • Total Estimate Amount

  • Estimate Profit Margin Per Quarter

  • Average Estimate by Team Member

  • Average Estimate By Job Type

  • Estimate Profit Margin by Team Member

  • Estimate Profit Margin By Job Type

Invoice Dashboard

  • Average Invoice Deal Size

  • Total Invoice Amount

  • Invoice Profit Margin Per Quarter

  • Average Invoice by Team Member

  • Average Invoice by Job Title

  • Invoice Profit Margin By Team Member

  • Invoice Profit Margin By Job Type

  • Invoiced Item Quantity

  • Invoices Due Year Comparison

  • Invoices Amount Past Due

Advanced Power Reporting: Build your insights or request specific insights be built for you.

Requesting FieldPulse to build your insights.

  • Reach the team and provide as much detail as possible on the specific insight you wish to have built.

  • Include the data you wish to be incorporated into your insights and how you wish this data to be displayed visually [Pie Chart, Bar chat, table etc.]

  • Details on any specific metric to be calculated. [Average/ median/ sum etc.]

  • Providing screenshots of example insights from other programs is welcomed too! [Xero, QuickBooks, online]

  • Once a sufficient amount of information is gathered a ticket will be created for our engineers to build this insight for you.

  • You will be notified once this is completed and your new insight/s will be displayed in a new custom dashboard within your Power Reporting Tab [Under Management].

Build Your Insights via your personalised Power Reporting Portal.

  • Reach out to the team requesting a log into your Power Reporting Portal.

  • We will create a ticket for our engineers to get your portal set up and generate a password for you.

  • Once your portal is ready a Customer Success team member will provide you with your login details.

  • Username> Email [same email you use for your FieldPulse Log in]

  • Password: [20-digit code given to you once your portal has been set up. If you forget your password don't hesitate to reach out]

  • Once you log into your portal you can build from existing insights or create brand new ones!

  • Watch the last half of the Power Reporting 101 video above for a more detailed walkthrough and basics to building your own insights.

  • Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance/ advice from our engineers on creating any insights.

How can we reach you?


We’re available Monday-Friday 8:00am -6:00pm CST

US Customer Success Team Phone: 469-382-5668


We’re available Monday-Friday 8:00am -5:00pm AEST

AUS Customer Success Team Phone: +61 3 9917 5448

NZ Customer Success Team Phone: +64 9 801 0275

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