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Understanding the Relationship Between Jobs and Subtasks
Understanding the Relationship Between Jobs and Subtasks
The difference and relationships between Jobs and Subtasks
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FieldPulse's main record type is called a 'Job'.  A job record requires a customer and a title, but it also commonly includes a start and end date/time, assigned team members, notes, and custom fields. Once a job is scheduled with a date/time, it will appear on the Team Schedule. Job records are the primary record type.

One thing to note as it relates to the type name 'Job' is that if your business doesn't necessarily relate to that term, you can adjust the name to Service, Project or Work Order.

Company Settings>Jobs>Select the Main Record Type drop down to make that adjustment.


The secondary record type is called a 'Subtask.' Although Subtasks can be standalone, they are typically created as a child of a job record to further divide the work into multiple subtasks or a task list. For example, you may want to separate your job into multiple subtasks to better track the status or to assign the work to different team members, rather than having a single job record track everything. Subtasks, unlike Jobs, will not appear on the schedule.

An example of a Subtasks 'Checklist' is shown below.

Company Settings>Jobs (or whatever naming record you've chosen)> Subtask Templates.

Once you've created your checklist, you can easily attach to the job as shown below.

Subtask Templates can be created to quickly insert a series of subtasks onto a job record. Create Subtask Templates here. Subtask Templates can be inserted into Subtask Series on the "Subtasks" tab of a job record.

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