Quickbooks Desktop Integration- Instructions

Learn how we will sync your Quickbooks Desktop. Please note, this does require a call with one of our success specialists.

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**Please read our Quickbooks Desktop Integration pre-sync article here before syncing.

Reminder: Requirements before Syncing:

  • FieldPulse integrates with Quickbooks Desktop 2019 and newer.

  • We integrate with the Windows version of Quickbooks Desktop and do not support Quickbooks Desktop for MAC or any other systems.

  • You must use a computer that has access to Quickbooks Desktop and has the company file on the local machine. You can not use a server that has Quickbooks Desktop installed.

  • The setup must be completed in single-user mode within Quickbooks Desktop.

  • We support Contractor, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise editions of Quickbooks Desktop.

  • You must disable sleep mode on your computer in order for the sync to run.

    • Settings<Within Window<System<Power and Sleep< Set to ‘Never.’

      1. If this is not disabled, the sync will not work.

  • You must have a stable internet connection or the connection will not work.

Connecting FieldPulse to Quickbooks Desktop

FieldPulse has a dual sync with Quickbooks Desktop. Our team will walk you through the integration after your initial sync. What’s most important is that your sleep mode is disabled so the connection is constantly running. This will ensure a successful sync and eliminate your need for double entry.

  1. Request access to sync with Quickbooks Desktop.

To connect to Quickbooks Desktop, you will first need to request access by contacting us at support@fieldpulse.com, or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner. Our team is available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm CST. We do require a call with one of our Success Specialists. This is to ensure a successful sync. This will avoid issues in the future.

Estimated time: 15-20min

  1. Download Quickbooks Web Connector via Link (Windows Only): (Your Quickbooks Desktop needs to be closed)

During your Quickbooks Desktop call, you will be asked to share your screen with your Success Manager. Your Success Manager will ask you to start the web connector. If the web connector is not installed you will then be provided the Quickbooks Web Connector Link. After downloading the web connector, you will then need to extract the downloaded zip file. You then must right click on the Setup File and select ‘Run as Administrator.’ Please make sure your Quickbooks Desktop is closed.

Download Web Connector<Extract Downloaded Zip File< Right CLock Setup File< Select ‘Run as Administrator’< Install Quickbooks Web Connector< Finish Setup.

  1. Enable the connection to FieldPulse

From here, you will login to your FieldPulse web application. You’ll navigate to Company Settings<Features and Plugins< ’Enable’ Quickbooks Desktop Integration. From here you will fill out your company name and password (you can make up the company name and you can put in any password). Click ‘Enable Quickbooks Desktop.’ FieldPulse wil generate a file download. You can download to your download folder once enabled.

4) Connecting Quickbooks Web Connector

From here, you will open your Quickbooks Desktop Application.

  • Then you’ll open the Web Connector (you can access the web connector from the Start Menu<Quickbooks<Web Connector).

  • Once the web connector is opened, you will select ‘Add an Application.’

  • From here, select File< Add an application (select previously downloaded file “Quickbooks.qws”) then select ‘okay.’

  • A pop up will appear, you will then select ‘okay’ again.

  • There will be another pop up from Quickbook Desktop itself < Select ‘Yes, always; allow access even if Quickbooks is not running.”

    • You must be an administrator in order to proceed.

  • From here, you will select ‘Continue.’

  • It will update based on the settings → even if the application is closed.

    • 3rd Option is selected ‘Yes, whenever this QB is open - it wont update the files and won’t sync. If you close the QB connector it will not sync.

  • Select the 4th option to avoid issues.

  • Leave the checkbox unselected ‘Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information.’

5) Enabling the Sync

After hitting ‘continue’ from the previous page, you will be prompted to enter your password. This is the same password you entered earlier during the setup process.

After entering your password, you will then select the scheduling interval.

  • Select ‘every-min’ & then put in 1 minute intervals.

  • You can select manual update as well.

You will then click ‘update’ to begin the sync.

Please allow the sync to process. Reminder, keep the connector on and open for the sync to continue.

For questions, please contact Customer Success via FieldPulse chat (for quickest responses). We have technical support agents that are available to answer your questions or concerns regarding your integration.

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