Creating a Purchase Order
Learn how to create a purchase order and send it to the supplier.
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You can use the Purchase Order feature in FieldPulse to generate PO's for your suppliers and send them via email. 

To get started, click on 'Purchase Orders' tab in the left side menu. On the Purchase Orders page, click the green 'Create Order' button.

On the next page you'll start by adding a Supplier. Click in the supplier search box and you'll see a list of your saved suppliers. Select which one you want the PO to be for and click 'Select Supplier'. 

If the supplier you want to use does not already exist, create one by clicking 'Create New Supplier', add the supplier's name and email, then click 'Create Supplier'.

Once you've added the supplier, you'll enter the vendor order number, select pick-up or delivery and enter the pick-up or delivery address.

Next you'll enter the customer name for the order. Start typing in the 'Customer Name' field and choose an existing customer, or click 'Create New Customer' to add a new one.

When adding a new customer you'll add their account type, name, email and full address, then click 'Create Customer'.

Once you've added a customer, you will enter the Assigned Team Member (it will default to the Purchase Order creator), Order title, and you can choose to link the PO to an existing Invoice, Estimate (Quote) or create it as a standalone by selecting 'None'. 

Next we'll start adding items to this Purchase Order. To add an existing invoice item to this purchase order, click the Item search bar to pull up a list of your existing items then select the one you want. If you are adding an item that is not already in the system, click 'Create New Line Item'. 

When creating a new line item, you'll enter the item name, type (service or product), SKU (if applicable) and pricing. You can choose whether to track inventory of this item or not, and finally, add a description. When complete, click 'Create Item'.

Once you have added a line item you can repeat the process for any additional items you want to add to your PO.

Once you have finished adding line items, you can enter instructions or notes in the text field at bottom left. 

Review the subtotal and total and adjust the tax rate (if necessary) on the right hand side. If everything is good, your PO is ready to send. 

Click 'Save' to send this PO to the supplier.

On the next page you'll be able to review the PO details and edit the order. If everything looks good, click 'Send Email'. This will send the PO to the supplier. 

Once the PO has been sent, you can save it as a PDF by clicking 'Download Order'. 

This will open the PDF in your browser where you can save it to your computer, or download it directly to your computer, depending on the browser you use. 

That's it! You've just created a new PO and sent it to your supplier. If you need any help please email us at or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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