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Inventory Hubs
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In FieldPulse, a hub serves as a designated location where you store your inventory. This could be a workshop, truck, van, office, or warehouse. Your business might utilize a single hub or multiple hubs. Many companies establish hubs for each of their work trucks or vans, along with a central hub for their office or warehouse. This approach enables monitoring when a driver's vehicle requires additional stock.

By tracking stock movements between the warehouse and hubs, you can strategically determine when to reorder supplies. Consider the flexibility to set up replenishment levels specific to the inventory at each hub. This allows you to maintain lower quantities in trucks for immediate use while storing bulk stock in the warehouse. You can then initiate replenishment orders when inventory levels reach predefined thresholds, ensuring seamless operations and avoiding stock-outs.

Setting Up Hubs

Navigate to Company Settings, then select Estimates & Invoices. From here, select Inventory, then click on Inventory Settings.

Untitled step

Here, you can toggle on Enable Multiple Inventory Hubs and then select Add New Hub.

Click on Add New Hub

Now, you can name your hub [ex. Chris's Truck; South Dallas Warehouse] as well as assign users to this hub. (Note: A hub can have multiple team members assigned to it, but each user can only be assigned to one hub.)

Each user can only be assigned to one hub because auto-replenishment (if enabled) will deduct the line items used on invoices from their associated hub and create a purchase order when the inventory at that hub drops below the designated threshold.

Click on Hub Name *…

Adding Inventory to Hubs

To add inventory to a hub, begin by navigating to Invoices in the left-side menu, then selecting Inventory. Click the pencil icon to edit the line item you wish to update. You can also add inventory to hubs when creating a new line item.

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You can select Add Hub to add a new hub to store the line item.

Click on Add hub

You can also can use the up & down arrows to adjust stock within each hub or select the purple boxes icon to reallocate inventory between your hubs.

Click on 10.00

To reallocate inventory between hubs, use the pop-up to adjust quantities between locations, then press Save.

Click on Reallocate Item

After adding hubs and adjusting inventory, be sure to save the line item.

Video Tutorial

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