Purchase Orders
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You can use the Purchase Order feature in FieldPulse to generate PO's for your suppliers and send them via email. 

Enabling Purchase Orders

To begin using Purchase Orders, you'll first need to enable it. Start by clicking on Company Settings and selecting Features & Plugins. Navigate to Purchase Orders and select Enable. Now you're ready to begin ordering and tracking materials from your suppliers!

Click on Enable

Creating a Purchase Order

To get started, click on the Purchase Orders tab in the left side menu. Once on the Purchase Orders page, click the Create Order button.

On the next page you'll start by adding a supplier. Click in the supplier search box and you'll see a list of your saved suppliers. Identify the supplier you want to use and click Select Supplier

If the supplier you want to use does not already exist, create one by clicking Create New Supplier, add the supplier's name and email, then click Create Supplier.

Once you've added or selected the supplier, you'll enter the vendor order number, select pick-up or delivery, and enter the pick-up or delivery address.

Next you'll enter the customer name for the order. Click in the Customer Name field and choose an existing customer or click Create New Customer to build a new one.

Once you've added a customer, you will enter the Assigned Team Member (Note: it will default to the Purchase Order creator) and order title. You can choose to link the purchase order to an existing Project, Job, Invoice, or Estimate, or create it as a standalone by selecting None.

Next we'll start adding items to the purchase order. To add existing invoice items to this purchase order, click the item search bar to add them. If you are adding an item that is not already in the system, click Create New Line Item

Once you have added a line item, you can repeat the process for any additional items you want to add to your purchase order.

Once you have finished adding line items, you can enter instructions or notes at the bottom of the page.

Review the subtotal and total, and adjust the tax rate (if necessary) on the right hand side. If everything looks good, press Save.

On the next page you'll be able to review the details and edit the order. When you're ready to send the purchase order to your supplier, click Send Email.

Once the purchase order has been sent, you can save it as a PDF by clicking Download Order

This will open the PDF in your browser where you can download it to your computer. 

Creating Automatic Purchase Orders

To automatically replenish items using purchase orders, begin by selecting Invoices from the left-side menu and clicking on Inventory. Select the pencil icon next to the inventory item you want to set up automatic purchase orders for.

Click on highlight

To begin, click on Supplier. You can create a new supplier, or add an existing one.

Click on Supplier

Creating a new supplier looks like this:

Click on Create Supplier…

Selecting an existing supplier looks like this:

Click on Select Supplier

After selecting your supplier, click on the shopping cart icon to enable automatic replenishment. (Note: if you have multiple hubs, you will need to repeat this process for each hub.)

Click on highlight

Toggle on the Automatic Replenishment via Purchase Order button.

Click on Automatic Replenishment via Purchase Order

It will now display your current level of inventory in that hub (or overall inventory if hubs are not enabled).

Auto Re-order Level (Quantity On Hand): When your Inventory On Hand quantity reaches this number, an automatic replenishment purchase order will be initiated.

Replenishment Level: Your automatic replenishment purchase order will be initiated to reach this new Inventory On Hand quantity.

Click on Inventory On Hand…

For Example:

Inventory On Hand: 3 units

Auto Re-Order Level (Quantity on Hand): 2 units

Replenishment Level: 10 units

In this scenario, the Inventory On Hand is currently 3 units. When the Inventory On Hand reaches 2 units -- the Auto Re-Order Level (Quantity on Hand) -- an automatic replenishment purchase order will be initiated to reach the Replenishment Level of 10 units. In this case, the automatic replenishment purchase order will be for 8 units of the item.

Video Tutorial

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