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[AUS] Setup Guide for Administrators, Part 8: Do more with FieldPulse
[AUS] Setup Guide for Administrators, Part 8: Do more with FieldPulse
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There are lots more great features available in FieldPulse to help organize, streamline and improve your business. These are just a few of our most popular features. To learn more about the full range of extra features available in FieldPulse, contact our Customer Success Team!

Online Portal for Customer Bookings

You can use the Customer Portal in FieldPulse to allow customers to reach out to you and book jobs from your own website. This is a page that we host, and you can add the link to your website and / or social media. When a customer visits, they can choose from time slots that you've specified and either request, or directly book a visit. To set this up, go to the Company Settings section, navigate to 'Features and Plugins' and enable the Customer Portal.

Once the Customer Portal is enabled, go to the Company Settings menu and click on 'Customer Portal'. 

On this page you can select your availability, your custom portal URL and choose how you want your customers to book. You can learn more in this step-by-step guide

Quickbooks Sync

FieldPulse integrates with QuickBooks Online to automatically sync your invoices, payment records, customers, and invoice items from FieldPulse to QuickBooks to make end of year accounting easier. Leverage FieldPulse's integrated invoicing system and leave the accounting work to QuickBooks.

Once you've connected FieldPulse with your QuickBooks account, invoices that are marked as 'Invoiced' or have payments applied will be synced to your QuickBooks account along with the customer profile, invoice items, tax rate, and any payment records. Editing or updating the invoice or payments will automatically update in QuickBooks as well. When a record such as an invoice, customer, or payment is synced, there will be a green QuickBooks icon attached to the record to indicate it was synced.

This is an advanced feature, and we recommend you connect with our Customer Success team before syncing. When you're ready, you can follow the instructions in this guide to get synced:

Custom Forms

With the Custom Forms feature, you can add custom forms to capture any information you want on your jobs, or about a customer.

Use Custom Forms to create a custom record type with the ability to track status, attach files, and even generate a PDF to send to customers or team members. Use custom forms for purchase orders, service reports, customer reports, change orders, and more! Custom forms can be made as a standalone record or attached to jobs, projects, customers, and quotes /invoices. Learn how to set them up in this quick video:

Here's a quick summary of the 3 additional features we covered in this guide:

  • Customer Portal:

  • Allows your customers to request or book work from the web

  • Its own hosted site that you can link on your website or social media

  • Set up your availability in the Administration section

  • Quickbooks sync:

  • Allows you to sync customers, invoices and invoice items

  • Sync happens in real time as you create in FieldPulse

  • This is an advanced feature, contact Customer Success to set it up

  • Custom Forms:

  • Capture information about jobs or customers

  • Generate PDFs to share with your team or the customer

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