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What data can I import into FieldPulse?
What data can I import into FieldPulse?
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FieldPulse offers three ways for transferring your business records into your FieldPulse account. The best method for your data transfer will depend on your business needs, the format of your exported data, and the FieldPulse package your company has purchased.

What can be imported into FieldPulse?

  • Customers [self-import]

  • Jobs [self-import]

  • Line Items [self-import/ integration/ data migration]

  • Estimates [integration/ data migration]

  • Invoices [integration/ data migration]

  • Payments [integration/ data migration]

  • Pricebooks [self-import]

  • Assets [self-import]

How to Import Your Data

Option 1: Self-Import via FieldPulse [No Cost]

Unlock the full potential of FieldPulse by importing your business information with our import templates. These files are available for download through the FieldPulse WebApp or can be accessed below.

1. Download Import Sheets

Access the import templates conveniently through the FieldPulse Web-App or find them below.

2. Enter Your Data

After selecting a FieldPulse import template, transfer your business data. If you have previously exported records from another provider, this step becomes even more straightforward. Copy and paste each column into the relevant section of the FieldPulse import sheet. (Note: Ensure a seamless transition by formatting your data in the import sheets.)

3. Self-Import via WebApp [Customers & Line Items]:

Once your data is entered into the import sheets, navigate to the import section in the WebApp, upload your file, and your information will transfer into your FieldPulse account.

4. Send Completed Template to FieldPulse for Import [Pricebooks, Jobs, Customer Locations/Contacts, Assets]:

Share your formatted sheet with our team. They will efficiently import your data into your FieldPulse account through our portal. Send via our chat support or email your formatted file to

Option 2: Import via Integration [No Cost]

FieldPulse integrates with several programs which allow you to seamlessly transfer data you already have stored.

Accounting Integrations

Our accounting integrations will allow for your Customers, Line Items, Estimates, Invoices, and Payments to sync to FieldPulse. We currently integrate with QuickBooks & Xero.

Check out our step-by-step integration guides:

  • QuickBooks Online [US] [AUS]

  • QuickBooks Desktop [US]

  • Xero [AUS]

Other Integrations

Option 3: Data Migration by FieldPulse Data Engineer [Fee Required]

Our Data Migration Service allows you to smoothly migrate from your old platform to FieldPulse without the worry of losing all your previous data. Normally, data migration efforts can be executed while your team is still in onboarding and training. During migration, you will still be able to use the FieldPulse platform like normal, with no downtime.

The scope of the data being imported will determine the timeline prediction to have all data imported into your FieldPulse account. On average, it is completed within 4-6 weeks. Once our Engineering team has a sample of the data being migrated, they will be able to give an exact timeline. (Note: Every data migration requires a data review for official approval.)

To Get Started

New Customers: Reach out to our sales team to explore our data migration offerings. We'll walk you through the process and help you get started.

Current Customers: Engage with our customer success team through email or live chat. We're here to assist you in migrating your data to the FieldPulse platform.

Have additional questions?

Contact us at or use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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