FieldPulse integrates with Xero to automatically sync your invoices, payment records, customers, and invoice items from FieldPulse to Xero to make accounting easier. Leverage FieldPulse's integrated invoicing system and leave the accounting work to Xero.

Table of Contents:

  1. How it works

  2. What syncs with Xero?

  3. How to Connect FieldPulse with Xero

  4. How to ensure a problem-free sync with Xero

How it works

Once you've connected FieldPulse with your Xero account, invoices that are marked as 'Invoiced' or have payments applied will be synced to your Xero account along with the customer profile, invoice items, tax rate, and any payment records. Editing or updating the invoice or payments will automatically update in Xero as well.

When a record such as an invoice, customer, or payment is synced, there will be a Xero icon attached to the record to indicate it was synced and it will show Synced? ‘Yes’ in your list of invoices.

What syncs with Xero?

How to Connect FieldPulse with Xero

Follow the steps in this video, or the step-by-step walkthrough below.

1) Contact us to enable Xero. Xero should not be enabled without help from our team, so this is the first step to get it set up.

2) Click the ‘Company Settings’ option from the left menu, select 'Features and Plugins’ in the header, and then click 'Enable' under ‘Xero' in the below options. You can also get to that page by clicking here.

3) Then you'll be prompted to Authenticate with Xero. Click 'here' in that window.

4) You'll be prompted to login to Xero. Once you have, follow the instructions to authenticate your Xero account with FieldPulse.

5) Once you log in, you'll be asked to grant FieldPulse access to your Xero data. Review what is going to be shared and then click 'Allow Access'

6. Once you allow access you will enter into our onboarding process to ensure your sync gets set up correctly. The first step is to choose what to sync between FieldPulse and Xero. On this page you can select the time period of data to sync and what items you want to sync from FieldPulse to Xero. Toggle on 'Sync items from Xero to FieldPulse' if you want to sync items in the other direction.

When you toggle on 'Sync items from Xero to FieldPulse' you will be able to select which items you want to sync over, from Xero to FieldPulse, as well as the timeframe for this sync. When you've chosen what you want to sync, click the green button to proceed to the next step.

7. On the next page you'll import your Xero sales accounts. You will select the default account from the dropdown shown here, then click the green button to proceed.

8. On the next page you'll confirm your sales tax rate in Xero to ensure that the tax rate in Xero and FieldPulse match for a seamless sync. When you've selected the tax rate, click the green button to proceed.

9. Finally, scroll through our terms and conditions and make sure you understand them and check the box that indicates this before clicking 'Begin Sync'. This will initiate the sync between FieldPulse and Xero.

10) Once you've successfully connected FieldPulse with Xero, you will see a green window that confirms it’s connected.

How to ensure a problem-free sync with Xero

A. Disable third party apps in Xero. Open Xero and click on Settings > Connected Apps. Ideally you should not have any other connected apps besides FieldPulse.

B. Set up a special ‘FieldPulse’ tax rate in Xero

Inside Xero, set up the tax rate under Accounting > Advanced > Tax Rates > New Tax Rate.

  • Display Name: Fieldpulse (needs to be capital F, lowercase p, as shown)

  • Tax Type: Sales

  • Tax Components: Fieldpulse

  • Percent: Needs to be the same as the Percent you use in FieldPulse. You can check this in FieldPulse under Company Settings > Estimates & Invoices > General > Default Invoice Tax Rate (%).

12) Start using the Xero sync and test to ensure everything is working properly

Create a customer

First, create a customer inside FP: Customers > Add Customer

  • The only items required to sync the customer from FP to Xero is the customer’s first name and email.

  • Note: When you create a customer, Xero can attach multiple contacts to a record. In FP, you can add additional contacts.

After the customer has been created, go to Xero > Contacts > and search to make sure the contact is there.

Important to know

  • Can add up to 6 contacts under a new customer in FieldPulse, like Xero

  • Xero allows you to create groups of users. In FieldPulse, we use related customers.

  • The correct way to use related customers in FieldPulse is to:

  • Create a group inside Xero, the group becomes the parent company and anything contained within that group becomes a related customer of that group in FieldPulse.

Create a Quote

Quotes sync one way only- from FieldPulse to Xero. If you edit a quote in Xero, the changes will not apply inside FieldPulse.

Each line item requires:

  • Item name

  • Price

  • Tax (GST must always be checked)

  • SKU number - Must be unique, can be numbers or letters - no special characters (like dashes)

  • Description - There’s a character minimum and minimum (box is red if you don’t have enough text, green when you have enough).

Important to know

  • Any time you create a line item, it saves it to the repository in FieldPulse and Xero. You can find line items in Xero under Business > Products and Services

  • There’s a limitation with how FieldPulse handles taxes if you’re syncing a quote or invoice from Xero to FieldPulse: In Xero, you can have different tax amounts per line item. You can’t do this in FieldPulse. You must select FieldPulse as your tax rate in Xero AND tax must be applied to every line item.

  • While you can create groupings/bundles of line items in FieldPulse, Xero doesn’t allow them. It will ignore them and sync what’s in the group as individual line items

  • Ensure you have your default account set up right in Xero. When a quote synced, open the quote inside Xero and look under the Account tab to make sure the Account is correct.

  • If setting up line items in Xero, make sure the Tax Rate is Fieldpulse. Sales account must be selected.

Convert the Quote to an Invoice

In FieldPulse, convert the quote you just created to an invoice. If you want the invoice to be sent to Xero to sync, you must always hit finalize invoice. Invoices don't sync while they're in 'Invoice draft' status.

Important to know

  • If syncing from Xero to FP, you need to set Fieldpulse as the tax item under line items or in settings so it chooses it by default.

  • Invoices sync two-ways, from FieldPulse to Xero and from Xero to FieldPulse.

Enter Payment

In FieldPulse add a payment to the invoice you've been working with.

Important to know

  • Payments sync two ways - from FieldPulse to Xero and from Xero to FieldPulse.

  • Payments can be marked inside FP or Xero and will show up in both.

  • If you mark a payment in FieldPulse, it will take around 5 minutes before it shows up in Xero. This will change the status of the invoice when paid (it will say Paid).

  • Payments require method of payment and description to sync

Congratulations! You just synced FieldPulse to your Xero account. For help with syncing to Xero, contact us:

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