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Pre-Sync: Xero
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FieldPulse offers a two-way integration with Xero to automatically sync your customers, quotes, invoices, payment records, and invoice items between FieldPulse and Xero to make end of year accounting easier. Leverage FieldPulse's integrated invoicing system and leave the accounting work to Xero.

Once you've connected FieldPulse with your Xero account, all of your existing Xero data can automatically be imported into your FieldPulse account. Creating or editing customer, invoice and payment records in the office or on the job will automatically be reflected in Xero and FieldPulse, so no more double entry. (Note: Xero integration is only available for customers in Australia and New Zealand.)

What will sync?

Customers, line items, quotes, invoices and payments will sync between FieldPulse and Xero.

Before syncing, please note:


  • Must have a contact name entered into Xero. If you do not have the first and last name filled out in Xero on the customer record, it will sync to FieldPulse as a commercial customer.

  • Xero contacts, suppliers, and customers sync to FieldPulse as customers.

  • Customer records must have either a first name, last name, or company name entered in Xero. A phone number and a unique email address is preferred but not required.

  • Contact Name/Display Name is a required Customer Field in Xero and FieldPulse after syncing.

  • Xero Contact Groups sync to FieldPulse as a parent customer and will be displayed as “Group: Primary Person.”

Line Items

  • Can’t contain special characters when created in FieldPulse ($, %, ^, ( ), =, ‘, < > { } “) or they will not sync over to Xero.

  • Can’t be alphanumeric (can’t contain numbers and letters together).

  • Must have a unique SKU

  • The line item must have a GST account. The tax account will need to be set as ‘GST on income’ or the line item should display ‘BAS excluded’ or ’GST free’.

  • Ensure Tax Rate is set up in Xero, as FieldPulse pulls tax rate from Xero.

Have additional questions?

Contact us at or use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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