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Learn how to sync your FieldPulse account to Quickbooks Online

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FieldPulse offers a two-way integration with QuickBooks Online to automatically sync your customers, estimates, invoices, payment records, and invoice items between FieldPulse and QuickBooks to make end of year accounting easier. Leverage FieldPulse's integrated invoicing system and leave the accounting work to QuickBooks.

What is a Two-Way Sync?

Customers, line items, estimates, invoices and payments created or edited in FieldPulse will be automatically created or edited in Quickbooks. Also any customers, line items, estimates, invoices and payments created or edited in QuickBooks will be automatically created or edited in FieldPulse.

Once you've connected FieldPulse with your QuickBooks account all your existing Quickbooks data can automatically be imported into your FieldPulse account. Creating or editing customer, invoice and payment records in the office or on the job will automatically be reflected in QuickBooks and FieldPulse, so no more double entry.


Important information before syncing:

  • Do not sync if you are using projects in Quickbooks. Please reach out to support@fieldpulse.com for additional information.

  • If Custom Transaction numbers is turned on in Quickbooks, then invoice numbers will follow whatever numbering is setup in FieldPulse.

  • If Custom Transaction numbers is turned off invoice numbers will follow the Quickbooks numbering sequence.

  • Customer records must have either a first name, last name, or company name entered in Quickbooks. A phone number and a unique email address is preferred but not required. Otherwise customers will look blank in FieldPulse.

  • Fieldpulse does not display the Quickbooks “Display Name” when viewing customers from the “Customers” tab. Fieldpulse only uses information entered in first name, last name, and company name for displaying the customer name.

  • Fieldpulse uses Quickbooks “Shipping Address” as the service address in FieldPulse. If only “Billing Address” is filled in in Quickbooks, no address will display on the customer in FieldPulse.

  • Ensure Tax Rate is set up in Quickbooks even if you do not charge tax because FieldPulse pulls tax rates from Quickbooks.

  • Please ensure you have entered a quantity and price in Quickbooks for your line items otherwise the line item will come over as a $0 in FieldPulse.

  • If you use Groupings in FieldPulse, please note, this is a FieldPulse only functionality. Your groupings will come over as line items in Quickbooks.

  • If you use discounts on your invoices, you need to make sure that 'discounts' are enabled in your Quickbooks account in order for those to sync from FieldPulse to Quickbooks.

  • Ensure estimate and invoice numbering is setup and matching in FieldPulse and Quickbooks. You can manually edit the estimate/invoice number sequence by going to Company Settings> Estimates & Invoices> General.

***If you have been using Quickbooks and FieldPulse simultaneously and duplicating efforts (creating estimates/invoices in Quickbooks and FieldPulse prior to syncing) do NOT sync estimate/invoice history from Quickbooks to FieldPulse. Please reach out to support@fieldpulse.com and we will guide you assist you.

Connecting FieldPulse to your QuickBooks Online account

1) Request access to sync with QuickBooks

To connect to Quickbooks Online, you will first need to request access by contacting us at support@fieldpulse.com, or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner. Our team is available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm CST. If you'd like assistance with the sync, our Customer Success team is happy to walk you through the process! Once you receive confirmation from FieldPulse that your Quickbooks is enabled, you are welcome to begin the sync.

Estimated time: 5-10 minutes.

2) Turn on the integration in 'Company Settings'

Once FieldPulse has enabled you to connect to QuickBooks, go to the 'Company Settings' Tab. Find the 'Features & Plugins' tab and navigate until you find the Quickbooks Online tile. Click 'Connect to QuickBooks'.

3) Enter your login information for your QuickBooks Online account, click 'Sign In,' then follow any on-screen instructions

4) Select the time period and all the entities you would like to sync between FieldPulse and Quickbooks

(note: In order to sync invoice then customers, line items and payments must also be selected and synced)

5) Next you will be prompted to select your default tax rate from a list of tax rates FieldPulse gets from Quickbooks

6) Next you will select your default sales account (this refers to items you sell)

7) Next you will select your default purchase account (this refers to items you purchase)

8) Then you will be prompted to agree to the Quickbooks integration terms and conditions

9) Finally you will reach this page, which shows that the syncing process has started and you should see these objects start to populate in your FieldPulse account.

(Note: If you have a large number of items coming over, please be patient with the sync. This can take some time. You can exit out of this page and operate as normal and check back on the status at any time.)

All options can be changed at any time on individual invoices and items or from the Company Settings> Estimate & Invoices> Quickbooks Tab

Note: The order in which you sync your items on this page matters - you must sync your items in this order - Customers, Line Items, Invoices.

Note: Invoices begin syncing to QuickBooks once they've reached the 'Invoiced' status to indicate that they are awaiting payment. The attached customer, invoice items, and tax rate will also be synced in FieldPulse.

Once you've successfully connected FieldPulse with QuickBooks Online, your new invoices will automatically sync to QuickBooks.

Customer Record

A synced customer will have a Quickbooks logo on the customer record.

If a customer needs to be manually synced you can do so by clicking 'Sync with Quickbooks' in the customer record.


An Invoice that has been synced will have the Quickbooks logo and say “Open in Quickbooks," which will take you directly to that invoice in Quickbooks when clicked.

Congratulations! You just synced FieldPulse to your QuickBooks Online account. If you need any help please email us at support@fieldpulse.com or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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