Square Payments Integration
Learn how to integrate Square payments with FieldPulse
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FieldPulse allows you to easily integrate with Square Payments with simple login/authorization. This integration gives you the ability to easily open the Square Register mobile apps on iOS and Android from FieldPulse invoices with the total amount automatically inserted. Upon successful payment, FieldPulse will be re-opened and that invoice will have a payment record marked by the Square transaction with the Square transaction ID included.

Integrating with Square Payments

Step #1: Go to 'Company Settings', find 'Features & Plugins', and then look for the 'Square Tile'. Click 'Enable'.

Step #2: You will be prompted to enter in your Square login credentials. Click the highlighted, blue 'here'.

**Note: If you don't authorize FieldPulse to register your Square account, the total amount of the invoice will not be automatically inserted into your Square app upon requesting to collect payment in Square.

Step #3: You are now ready to quickly collect Square Payments from FieldPulse invoices!

Opening Square Payments from FieldPulse Mobile Apps

#1: Find and open the FieldPulse invoice for which you want to take payment.

Step #2: Click the green 'Action' button and select 'Collect Square Payment' from the option list.

Step #3: Collect payment in Square and FieldPulse will be automatically reopened following payment with the Payment Record Marked in FieldPulse.

Congratulations! You just integrated Square Payments with FieldPulse and accepted a payment through Square. If you need any help with this integration, please contact us: support@fieldpulse.com

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