FieldPulse integrates with QuickBooks Online to automatically sync your invoices, payment records, customers, and invoice items from FieldPulse to QuickBooks to make end of year accounting easier. Leverage FieldPulse's integrated invoicing system and leave the accounting work to QuickBooks.

Once you've connected FieldPulse with your QuickBooks account, invoices that are marked as 'Invoiced' or have payments applied will be synced to your QuickBooks account along with the customer profile, invoice items, tax rate, and any payment records. Editing or updating the invoice or payments will automatically update in QuickBooks as well. When a record such as an invoice, customer, or payment is synced, there will be a green QuickBooks icon attached to the record to indicate it was synced.

Connecting FieldPulse to your QuickBooks Online account

1) Click the ‘Administration’ option from the left menu, select the ‘Invoices’ tab, and then select the ‘QuickBooks' secondary tab

2) Click the toggle button on the 'Enable QuickBooks Accounting Integration' field and click the 'Click here to authenticate with QuickBooks Online' link

3) Follow the instructions to authenticate your QuickBooks Online account with FieldPulse

4) Once you've successfully connected FieldPulse with QuickBooks Online, your new invoices will automatically sync to QuickBooks

Note: Invoices begin syncing to QuickBooks once they've reached the 'Invoiced' status to indicate that they are awaiting payment. The attached customer, invoice items, and tax rate will also be synced in FieldPulse

5) To sync existing invoices, customers, and invoice items, click the buttons found on the QuickBooks Admin tab

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