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Variant Proposal (Good, Better, Best)
Variant Proposal (Good, Better, Best)
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FieldPulse’s variant proposal feature offers tiered pricing options for side-by-side product comparisons. It allows your customers to easily visualize and understand the differences, benefits, and features associated with higher pricing options, while being able to compare lower-priced or value offerings simultaneously. With this feature, your techs will be able to quote up to five different product or price level comparisons to your customers on the spot.

Enabling Variant Proposals

To begin using Variant Proposals, you'll first need to enable it. Start by clicking on Company Settings and selecting Features & Plugins. Navigate to Variant Proposal (Good, Better, Best) and select Enable. Now you're ready to begin building your own variant proposals!

Click on Enable

Building Variant Proposals

To begin, give your variant proposal a title and attach a customer. If you expect to use this variant proposal multiple times, toggle on Save As Variant Proposal Template to easily build future proposals from this variant proposal in the future.

Click on Variant Proposal Title *…

Note: If you have created templates and want to use one, select Import Template to select a template to build your variant proposal from.

Now, you can enter your differing options. You can include 2-5 choices for your customer. You must title each option and provide a price. Optionally, you can include a footnote, photo, and a description for each option as well.

Click on Item 1…

If you'd like to add another option to your variant proposal, select Add Items at the bottom of your screen.

Click on Add Items

Once your proposal is completed, select Save Variant Proposal towards the top of your screen.

Click on Save Variant Proposal

Sending Variant Proposals

After creating your proposal, you'll be able to view your proposal record. Use the options at the top of the record to perform additional actions.

  • View: Select this button to view the variant proposal as your customer will see it.

  • Send: Select this button to email your customer the finished proposal.

  • Edit: Select this button to make changes to your variant proposal.

Click on View…

Select Actions to have the additional options to create an estimate, invoice, dynamic proposal (if enabled), or duplicate the variant proposal.

Click on View…

Creating Variant Proposals from an Estimate

Another way to create variant proposals is through an estimate. Once in a new estimate, select Add Estimate Option. Be sure to 2-5 options on your estimate in order to successfully use a variant proposal. Complete each option as you normally do on your estimates, and then save your estimate.

Click on + Add Estimate Option

Now, select View Estimate at the top of your Estimate Record.

Click on View Estimate

Once you are viewing your estimate, use the menu on the right side of your screen to change from Traditional Estimate to Variant Proposal.

Click on Variant Proposal

You will now be able to preview the variant proposal that will be sent to your customer. If you are happy with this preview, you can show it to your customer in the field or email it to them.

Click on  Mobile…

Creating Variant Proposals from a Pricebook

You can also create a variant proposal from a Pricebook! To begin, select Pricebooks from the left-side of your screen and open your desired pricebook.

Click on Pricebooks

Navigate to your desired category and select Open.

Click on Open

Before clicking on any items, click Multi-Select. Now, select 2-5 items that you would like to compare in a variant proposal.

Click on Multi-Select

After selecting your items, navigate to the bottom right corner and press Next. You'll now be presented with a menu to choose what to create with your selected items. Be sure to select Variant Proposal.

Click on Variant Proposal

All the details from your selected Pricebook items will be automatically populated into a variant proposal. Simply add a title, add a customer, and any other details you'd like to include. From here, proceed as normal with your variant proposal.

Click on Variant Proposal Title *

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Contact us at or use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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