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FieldPulse's PDF Form Filler allows you to design and fill out complex forms within the FieldPulse platform. When it comes time to use your forms, they can be filled out and signed directly through both the FieldPulse web and mobile app. Forms can also be attached to your customer or job records for easy access.

FieldPulse’s PDF Form Filler allows you to eliminate the need for pen and paper by digitizing the process in the fully integrated FieldPulse platform. Your team will be able to fill out and access your company’s forms from any device. Simply import your PDF form into the FieldPulse platform, and add your desired field attributes like input, text, signature fields, and more. This tool also allows you to import pre-existing fillable forms, so there’s no need to start from scratch if you’re switching to FieldPulse from another platform.


  • E-Signatures

  • Attach To Customer Communications

  • Save to Customer & Job Records

  • Fully Integrate Into FieldPulse for Smart Fill

Custom Fields

  • Short Answer

  • Paragraph

  • Multiple Choice

  • Checkboxes

  • Dropdown

  • File Upload

Enabling PDF Form Filler

To enable PDF Form Filler, email us at support@fieldpulse.com or use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Creating a PDF Form

To create a PDF form, begin by navigating to Company Settings and selecting PDF Forms from the top menu.

Click on PDF Forms

To add a new PDF, select Import File.

Click on Import File

After adding your file, be sure to give it a clear name.

Click on Customer PDF Form Name

You can now begin to customize your PDF Form! Simply drag and drop elements from the left-side menu onto your PDF. The size of the elements can be easily adjusted once placed on your PDF.

Text Form Field creates a blank space to type in.

Click on Text Form Field…

Date Selection Field allows you to select and input a date onto your PDF Form.

Click on Date Selection Field…

Checkbox Field creates a checkbox that can be checked or unchecked easily on your form.

Click on Checkbox Field…

Text Label allows you to add text to your PDF. This text will not be an editable field like the other fields shown above.

Click on Text Label…

Signature Box creates a space to write or type a signature.

Click on Signature Box…

After adding your desired elements to your PDF Form, select Save.

Click on Save

You will now see the option to Attach to File Library next to the name of your new PDF Form.

Click on Attach to File Library

All of your PDF Forms are stored in the PDF Library, but they can also be added to more specific libraries for easier organization. Select the name of any library where you would like to store the form. (Note: You would typically store a form in a specific library if that form pertains directly to it.)

Click on Job File Library

If you choose to attach your PDF Form to a file library, you will need to select which roles are allowed to import the file onto records before selecting Save.

Click on File …

Attaching a PDF Form

PDF Forms can be attached to customers, jobs, projects, invoices, and more. To begin, select the record where you'd like to attach the form. For this example, we will attach the form to a job record.

Click on #1001…

From the menu at the top of the screen, select Files. You will now have options to upload your file.

  • Import From File Library: Selecting this button will only show the PDF Forms that were added to the related library. In this example, the only PDF Forms that would display would be those in the Job File Library, as we are looking at a job record.

  • Import From PDF Library: Selecting this button will show all PDF Forms in your account.

Once you make your selection, you will preview the PDF and select from the options at the top of the screen.

  • Save as Editable PDF: This will allow you to fill out the fields in your PDF Form.

  • Save as Uneditable PDF: This will not allow you to fill out the fields in your PDF Form.

  • Download PDF: This will download the PDF to your device.

Have additional questions?

Contact us at support@fieldpulse.com or use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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