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Learn how to create custom sales pipeline statuses and manage your customers through the process!

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FieldPulse's Custom Sales Pipeline is a tool that helps you manage your customers and stay organized through the sales process. Customize your pipeline statuses so your team can easily keep track of new or existing customers to make sure you close the deal! To get started

Creating Custom Sales Pipeline

  1. Turn on the Custom Sales Pipeline in Features & Plugins under Company Settings

  2. Customize your statuses

  3. Add a status to your customer record

  4. Manage your customer and move along through sales process

Enabling Custom Sales Pipeline

To turn on the Custom Sales Pipeline tool navigate to 'Company Settings' then click on 'Features & Plugins' and select 'enable' Custom Sales Pipeline to turn it on.

Customize Pipeline Statuses

After enabling the Custom Sales Pipeline navigate to the 'Customers' tab within 'Company Settings' and click on 'Pipeline status'. On this page you can edit any of the statuses by clicking on the gray pencil edit button or delete any of the statuses you do no want to use by clicking on the red 'trashcan' button.

Add Statuses to Customers

To start adding statuses to customers navigate to the 'Customers' tab on the top left corner. Go to 'All' customers to add a status to an existing customer or if the customer does not exist click on the green 'Create Customer' button to create a new customer and add the pipeline status.

Then click on the 'Pipeline Status' box to select the type of status to add to the customer.

After selecting the Pipeline Status, add any 'Next Steps" for this customer and click the 'Save' button on the top right corner.

Now that the customer is saved you can manage the customers pipeline statuses by going to the 'Customers' tab and clicking on the 'By Pipeline' tab. On this tab you will see the customer that was added with the pipeline status of 'New' since this is a new lead customer.

As the sales process continues, to change the pipeline status for the customer you can easily drag and drop the customer and it will change the pipeline status.

If you need any help please email us at or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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