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FieldPulse offers a simple Customer Relationship Management system that makes storing and finding related customer information easy. You can create and edit customer profiles to store detailed customer information, notes, and related records such as jobs, estimates, invoices, and files. A customer profile is required in order to create a job, estimate or invoice for a customer. To track the lifecycle of a customer, FieldPulse allows you to indicate whether a customer is a current customer, lead, opportunity, or lost customer.

Creating a Customer Profile

Customers can be created in different ways, but the most common method is via the Customers tab in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen. You then click the Create Customer button to begin creating a customer. You can also create customers while creating new jobs, estimates, or invoices. 

Click the Customers tab in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen and then select the Create Customer button.

Click on Create Customer

Begin by completing the general information section of the customer record:

  • Status: select and update the status of your customer as your relationship progresses.

  • Account Type: select whether your customer is residential or commercial.

  • Assigned To: select a team member to assign the customer to.

  • Lead Source: select the lead source (if applicable) for this customer. You can always adjust the lead sources in Company Settings. To learn more about lead sources, click here.

  • Pipeline Status: select and update the status as your relationship progresses. Use the FieldPulse provided pipeline statuses or customize your own in Company Settings. To learn more about customizing statuses, click here.

  • Tax Exempt: toggle on or off to ensure tax is appropriately charged on estimates and invoices.

Click on Status…

Next, include the primary contact details. We highly recommend including both a first and last name, as well as an email and phone number. If your contact has multiple emails and phone numbers, select Alternate Email or Alternate Phone to include them. If your customer has multiple contacts, select Additional Contact to add another contact.

Click on Primary Contact

Next, add your customer's address. Toggle on Use Separate Billing Address if their service address is not the same as their billing address. If your customer has multiple locations, select Additional Location to add another address. You can name your additional locations to keep them organized.

Click on Address

To easily sort your customers, consider using tags. Type a tag in and press enter to save it. To learn more about tags, read the Custom Tags article.

Click on Tags

Lastly, the bottom of the record allows space to include notes or files. Like the rest of the customer record, these can be edited at any time.

Click on Notes …

Once the customer profile has been created, you can select Edit to edit the customer profile or click Actions to perform actions to the customer profile. From the customer profile, you can add notes or comments, attach files, create jobs, create estimates or invoices using the menu at the top of the record.

Video Tutorial

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