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FieldPulse’s NiceJob integration gives service businesses a quick and easy way to get more reviews and manage their business’ reputation. With NiceJob, you’ll have a full system that automates the process of obtaining reviews on sites like Google My Business and HomeAdvisor from existing and past customers. Add customers to campaigns that keep your business top of mind for reviews and simplify the process of obtaining high-quality reviews that build trust in your business.

Reviews to Help Grow Your Business!

  • Quick and Easy Set-Up

  • Improve Search Visibility

  • 10% More Website Sales Guaranteed

  • Instant Credibility & Reputation Boost

NiceJob allows contractors to automate the process of getting reviews instead of manually sending out reminders to customers. Create drip campaigns with an initial text message requesting a review and up to three reminder emails to request reviews from customers. Emails are customizable and NiceJob makes it simple to assign different customers to different campaign workflows as well as remove them automatically when they leave a review to avoid spamming that customer.

Full Integration with FieldPulse

By linking NiceJob to FieldPulse’s CRM, you’ll be able to instantly sync your customer list to the platform and automate requests. Every time you close a job in FieldPulse, NiceJob will automatically follow up with an invitation to review each job. Then, NiceJob will share reviews from across the web to your Google My Business listing, Facebook page, and pages on BBB, HomeAdvisor, City Search, and YellowPages.

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