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This integration brings together the best of both worlds, enabling you to seamlessly manage your operations while harnessing the capabilities of Zapier. In this article, we'll walk you through the simple steps to create a 'Zap' utilizing FieldPulse's new integration functionalities. To learn more about the Zapier integration with FieldPulse, click here.

What is Zapier?

What is a Zap?

Zap Suggestions

Zapier can be a powerful tool for automating tasks and integrating your FieldPulse with other applications you use in the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC industries. Here are some Zap examples you can build to streamline your workflow:

New Job in FieldPulse to Trello Card Creation

  • Trigger: New job generated in FieldPulse.

  • Action: Create a corresponding Trello card for task management.

  • Use Case: Organize and manage tasks associated with jobs in Trello.

New Contact Form Submission to FieldPulse Customer

  • Trigger: Someone submits a contact form on your website.

  • Action: Create a new customer entry in FieldPulse.

  • Use Case: Automatically add website leads as customers in FieldPulse for follow-up.

New FieldPulse Job to Google Tasks or Todoist

  • Trigger: New task created in FieldPulse.

  • Action: Create a corresponding task in Google Tasks or Todoist.

  • Use Case: Keep your personal to-do list synchronized with your work tasks.

New FieldPulse Appointment to Slack Reminder

  • Trigger: A new appointment is scheduled in FieldPulse.

  • Action: Send a reminder message to a Slack channel or user.

  • Use Case: Ensure your team is aware of upcoming appointments in real-time.

New Lead Customer Pipeline Status to Marketing 360

  • Trigger: Customer moves to New Lead in FieldPulse.

  • Action: Add the customer to a targeted marketing campaign in Marketing 360.

  • Use Case: Continue communication with lead to convert them to customer.

Follow Up Job Status to Google Caendar

  • Trigger: Job status changes to Follow Up in FieldPulse.

  • Action: Create a reminder event in Google Calendar.

  • Use Case: Ensure the technician will follow up with the customer.

Other Integrations to Pair with FieldPulse in a Zap

There are over 6,000 possible integrations with Zapier!

  • Facebook Ads Manager

  • Facebook Messenger for Business

  • Instagram Ads Manager

  • Instagram Direct Messages

  • Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Zoom or Microsoft Teams

  • Dropbox or Google Drive

  • MailChimp

Video Tutorial

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