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Although jobs can span multiple days, if you have longer-term projects with complex work assignments and specialized invoicing needs, you may want to consider using the Project record. Projects allow you to better manage projects that may have a longer duration and several pieces of work assigned underneath it.

To enable Projects or learn more, visit the Project Management article.

Creating a Project

To create a project, begin by selecting the Work tab from the bottom menu. Then select Projects.

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To organize your existing projects, select from the menu at the top of the screen (All, Open, Closed, Unassigned, By Status). Additionally, sort between Team Projects and My Projects using the arrows.

To create a new project, click Create New.

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Now you can fill in the details of your project. To learn more about filling in these details, read the Project Management article.

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After completing and saving your new project, you can view the project record. On this page, you can change the project status and track your progress using the completion percentage slider to indicate your current completion level.

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From this page, you can also:

  • View and edit all the details you just entered

  • Add comments

  • Add jobs or subtasks

  • Create estimates and invoices

  • Attach files

  • Track employee timesheets

  • And more!

Click Actions to perform any of these actions, or select any of these actions from the tabs at the top of the screen.

Video Tutorial

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