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Subtasks are often used as a To-Do list within a job record. Subtasks allow several steps and processes within a job to be noted with a title, description, and deadline. Your service agents will be able to view the subtask, update the status, and add comments.

To learn more about subtasks, as well as subtask templates and series, visit the Creating and Using Subtasks article.

Creating a Subtask

Related Job or Project

To create a new subtask, you'll want to click on a job record. From this page, you can select the Subtasks tab.

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Once in the Subtasks tab, you can view all subtasks attached to this job, as well as select Create Subtask to add a new one.

Here, you can add the subtask title, as well as attach a related project (if applicable). You'll notice that the job is listed under Related Job. You can assign the subtask to specific team members, as well as provide a description. Toggle on Require this subtask to be completed prior to job completion to ensure that the subtask is marked as completed before the job can be marked as completed. After adding the subtask details, be sure to save the subtask.

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Without a Related Job or Project

To create a subtask that is not attached to a job or project, begin by selecting the Work tab from the bottom menu and then clicking on Subtasks.

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You can now view all subtasks, as well as sort by those that are open, closed, or unassigned. Managers and Admin can toggle between Team Subtasks and My Subtasks using the arrows next at the top of the screen.

To create a new subtask, select Create New and complete your subtask details as described above, but do not attach a Related Project or Job.

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Updating a Subtask

Once your subtask is saved, you can view the subtask information. You can also update the status of the subtask using the status bar. If you'd like to add a comment to the subtask, select Comments from the top menu.

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Video Tutorial

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